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27 Dec 05,, 21:28
I chuckled at the following blog post. I was wondering what others feel about the explosion of bloggers and whether they are a good or bad thing.


Build a Big Area for New Media
by Hugh Hewitt

MSM gtes[sic] booted out of the White House press area when renovations begin in the summer. Whoever is doing the redesign, let's hope they put in a bloggers row, right at the front, and lose the reserved seating for the dinosaurs from MSM.

Personally, I think that overall, they are a good thing because they can bring a depth to issues that previously was not available. Through the use of the internet, important stories and information quickly rises to the top. Also, without blogs, then the Michael Yon's of the world cannot get their stories out through the filters of the MSM.

However, it is also easy to build a buzz about an erroneous story through the use of multiple links, and in the information world, momentum is hard to reverse, whether it's a MSM or blogging mistake. Also, it can create very close minded consumers of information who are too easily swayed by ideological arguments rather than arguments on the merits of a case (this pertains to both the left and the right).

In the end, I like to read blogs that provide extensive hyperlinks to articles and primary source documents that they write about - this allows me to go to the source and see if they are spinning a story or providing solid analysis. Thus, I stay away from blogs that do not do this.

What is everyone else's thoughts on blogs and their impact on news consumption and packaging.

27 Dec 05,, 22:18
I am a Hewitt convert - I believe blogs are tremendously important and have forever changed the way information media operate, and in a tremendously positive way.

I agree that there is a potential for false information to get spun up due to the reinforcement effect of the blogosphere, but I think that is far outweighed by the overall positives.

I check the following blogs on a fairly regular basis:

Hugh Hewitt
Captain's Quarters
Michelle Malkin
Little Green Footballs
NRO's The Corner

The Powerline and Captain's Quarters guys are local to me, and they are usually to be found co-hosting Trivia Night over at a local pub every week or so. I really should get over there sometime and meet them. They seem like pretty fun guys on their local weekend show.


08 Jan 06,, 02:03
I am a blog junkie. On any given day I hit 10+ blogs. The only actual 'news' source in my favorites is Yahoo News.

Some of my favorite blogs include:

The Hedgehog Report (www.davidwissing.com) (conservative blogger)
Daly Thoughts ( www.dalythoughts.com) (conservative blogger)
Swing State Project ( www.swingstateproject.com) (Liberal Blogger)
Talking Points Memo ( www.talkingpointsmemo.com) (Liberal Blogger)
Bull Moose Blog ( http://www.bullmooseblog.com/) (Centrist/DLC blogger)

I even have a blog of my own (The Dundalk Democrat) ( www.dundalkdemocrat.typepad.com). My blog revolves soley around Maryland politics though.