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23 Dec 05,, 18:47
While the US carries forwards its tirade of capturing Osama bin Laden alive, there is feeling that in case he is alive and caught by the US, his ideology shall not be curbed because he has followers across the globe.

Also "bin Laden's removal from the scene may well whip up more frenzy among some sections of the Muslim population", said an editorial in the Daily Times.

The editorial said that it seems Al-Qaeda had become an ideology, and spawned well beyond the person of Osama.

According to it, if Al-Qaeda's ideology is not synonymous with Laden, then capturing the fugitive cannot be expected to result in the eradication of the threat from the globe.

The author of the editorial said: "We believe, on the basis of what has happened since October 2001, when the US attacked Afghanistan and sent Bin Laden scurrying for cover, that he may have increasingly become ancillary to the problem."

Citing the examples of retribution the US forces are facing in Iraq, and the 7/7 and 7/22 bombings in London, the paper said that it would be difficult to curb the Al-Qaeda ideology.

It further said: "What is happening in Iraq is a good example of that; another example is the July 7 and 22 bombings in London. There is an Al-Qaeda hand behind insurgency in Iraq but there is no evidence that the struggle is being planned or controlled directly by bin Laden. Much the same is true of the London bombings."

"British intelligence reports say the bombers had no linkage with Al-Qaeda. This means two things: Opposition to US policies may be spreading out; and disgruntled elements may decide to operate on their own regardless of any linkage with Al-Qaeda or any logistical or other support from that group," it added.

It said when Iraq president Saddam Hussein was captured, the US expressed self-satisfaction over the fact that the capture would reduce the intensity of the insurgency, but that did not happen, and, in fact, the insurgency has since then only become more intense.

"This is even truer of Al-Qaeda and how it operates," the editorial concluded.


24 Dec 05,, 06:11
AQ is the new mantra because they are the pioneers who have exploited the Islamic frustration of being poverty ridden and abject illiterates in comparison to other religions and communities inspite of being the amongst the richest nations of the world and having a chequered history of intellectual pacesetting!

This is such a paradox that it befuddles the Moslems.

Because of the inflexibility that is inbuilt in the Koran, they are unable to progress, but being steepedly shackled to the edicts, they are unable to break loose to face the international political, social and cultural reality in the face.

The educated amongst them realise this infirmity but are unable to openly oppose lest a fatwas befalls them like that placed on Rushdie and what is worse is that when such people are dead, no cleric will perform the religious rites and the man shall enter Paradise (I wonder if any Moslem goes to Hell [jahanam] since all claim to be pious Moslems) as a kaffir or k'ufr!

Therefore, AQ leads the Islamic world!

24 Dec 05,, 14:09
Brace for a Islam vs the World conflict ?

Swift Sword
24 Dec 05,, 15:26
Brace for a Islam vs the World conflict ?

That is what the bad guys want so let us not give it to them.

The ideology that powers al Qaeda is a couple of centuries old and is quite well developed so whether OBL lives or dies or AQ is wiped out is not going to make that much of a difference.