View Full Version : Atrocious Loadtimes!!

17 Dec 05,, 18:41
For some reason the WAB pages now take ages to load on my browsers. Tried it in both IE and Firefox. Same result. It started after the board was offline for a few days and I was being re-directed to a domain name site.
Its not a problem with my speed or connection settings.. I checked. Other boards I visit load just fine ..and they use vbulletin as well.
Whats wrong??

17 Dec 05,, 19:31
Whats wrong??
Nothing as far as I know. :confused:

The board loads up in a blink for me.

17 Dec 05,, 20:47
I just get stuck with the page looking like this..
http://img321.imageshack.us/img321/8416/untitled29ba.th.jpg (http://img321.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitled29ba.jpg)

It then takes a good 2-3 minutes for the entire page to load.
Bah.. it took me atleast 10 minutes for me to naviagte thru to this thread and finally to the post screen to be able to post this..

18 Dec 05,, 05:36
I use WAB light Skin [extreme down left]. While the dark skin loads fully, ie whole pg is loaded at once, in light skin it load post by post. Atleast u see some progress.