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15 Dec 05,, 07:24
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LHC wants reasons for compulsion to wear helmets

* Home Deptt and police ordered to produce minutes of ‘decision-making’ meeting

Staff Report

LAHORE: A division bench of the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Wednesday adjourned the hearing of an intra court appeal against the use of helmets by motorcyclists and directed the respondents to produce minutes of the meeting in which helmets for motorcyclists was made compulsory.

The LHC bench directed the Home Department and police authorities to file replies, stating the reasons for making helmets compulsory to wear and adjourned the hearing for two weeks. An assistant advocate general told the court that the Home Department had not replied to a letter sent in this regard so far.

Senior lawyer MD Tahir moved an appeal challenging the LHC chief justice’s orders on March 4, objecting that Section 89-A had not been enforced in the province for 25 years and its sudden implementation did not make sense. He said that with the passage of time the aforesaid law, like many other enactments, had lost its efficacy.

Tahir stated that Section 89-A violated Article 25 of the Constitution because it only made it mandatory for the front rider of a motorcycle to wear helmet. He said that the law required the pillion rider to wear a helmet also. Mentioning the inflated market prices of helmets, Tahir said that the increased helmet prices had burdened the general public and was only benefiting the helmet manufacturers and vendors. He asked the court to make helmet wearing optional for the people.

I find the logic of the person who has taken this issue to court most amusing and what is more, stupid.

I won't broadbrush it as the common logic in Pakistan (at least I hope so) since it is most ridiculous that because of the inflation, it is better to die than wear a helmet that can save you from death!

Maybe, life is so bad in Pakistan for this man at least, if not for the others, that he prefers to die than live in Pakistan!

Or maybe his sex life has been so poor in Pakistan, he feels an after life with the 72 is worth not paying for a helmet! :tongue: