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31 Oct 05,, 22:50
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Balochistan may not get dues in Dec

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The federal government is unlikely to clear the gas royalty arrears due to Balochistan by December 31, official sources told Daily Times.

In an interim report presented to the parliament in September, the parliamentary committee on Balochistan had recommended that the arrears, more than Rs 6 billion, be paid to the province by December 31. However, the federal government was in favour of adjusting the payment in the annual budget of 2006-07. Sources said that the government had agreed to clear the province’s arrears by June 2006, and may make an announcement on the matter by December 31.

A subcommittee of the parliamentary committee on Balochistan, headed by Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayyed, had presented a number of confidence building measures to improve the economic and social conditions in the province. The proposals had included the withdrawal of the Frontier Constabulary (FC) and the Coastal Guard from interior Balochistan, which have been implemented. However, some of the committee’s recommendations, such as the employment of the Baloch people in the FC, have not yet materialised.

Other recommendations included abolition of a few items of the Concurrent List, amendments to the National Finance Commission (NFC) award and development of Balochistan’s gas-rich areas.

Another subcommittee, headed by Senator Wasim Sajjad, had been unsuccessful in developing a consensus on the constitutional amendments necessary for provincial autonomy. Sources said that a few subcommittee members have recommended that the government leave the matter of constitutional amendments to the next parliament, as the opposition would never accept the proposed amendments.

Stand by for more troubles!

The Balochis are not the calm type of people.

They tend to be a bit "boisterous".

They expect to get what they demand or are promised.

Prevarication will add to the cup opf woes that already besots Pakistan!