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31 Oct 03,, 23:46

01 Nov 03,, 01:25
so the main point of global relations in your view is a soldier... interesting :sniper

01 Nov 03,, 01:34
How about having the font in Red or may be green ??

Soldiers are the real keepers of "global relations" :D

01 Nov 03,, 01:42
It is spoose to look like it was typed on a type writer, thats why its black.

That guy isn't a Soldier he's a Marine;)

01 Nov 03,, 02:19
hmm, it isnt visible :ermm

01 Nov 03,, 02:26
What isn't visible?

01 Nov 03,, 02:38
Name of the site and what to expect inside!

but may be bcoz of the darker forum background!!

01 Nov 03,, 05:03
Praxus -

What he's saying is that the black letters on the black background of the picture don't stand out very well. WE all know what it's supposed to say, but for a new member or someone visiting the site for the first time it may be a bit confusing or hard to decipher.

Also... I just checked out the actual website's homepage.

Only thing I was gonna suggest is that maybe you change the background to black. The white surrounding the tan color of the intro image kinda looks a bit weak. Personally I think black would set it all out. I know you guys aren't done yet ('Enter' link going to the index2.html page doesn't take you there, cuz I'm assuming it's not ready yet), but the background color should just be a verrry short line of HTML.

Anyway, not criticizing (oh, wait... I guess I sort of am...), just offering my opinion. I'm excited, can't wait to see everything once it's all up and running and happy and chock full of explosives... :dbanana

01 Nov 03,, 05:13
We could get the theme on this forum changed. A few members have requested it.

01 Nov 03,, 05:53
whew! thanks KF for putting it in english :)

01 Nov 03,, 08:15
I like the theme actually.

01 Nov 03,, 19:03
Me too.