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30 Oct 03,, 22:07
Mahathir prepares to step down

Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has addressed his country's parliament for the last time as premier.
Dr Mahathir, who is the longest-serving elected leader in the region, hands over to his deputy, Abdullah Badawi, on Friday after 22 years in power.

In his speech, the Malaysian leader returned to two themes which have marked out his leadership - the economy and his uneasy relationship with democracy.

He summarised Malaysia's economic development over the last 50 years - from rubber and tin producer to industrialised nation - but warned that democratic freedoms could lead to anarchy.

"Anarchy can take place because of an obsession with democratic freedoms. The belief that if democracy is implemented then everything will be well has no basis, especially if democracy is imposed immediately," he said.

Dr Mahathir stressed Malaysia's multi-racial make-up was a potential tinder-box, which could explode if "national unity" was not assiduously maintained.

Malaysia has a Malay majority of around 60% but large Chinese and Indian ethnic minorities. It has some of the toughest censorship rules in the world and operates detention without trial.

"We have seen how many other multi-ethnic societies have failed because each race places its own interest first before the interest of the nation. If we are not careful we too will fail and be destroyed," he said.

The Malaysian leader said he was ready for retirement even though he acknowledged he had not accomplished everything he wanted to.

"I've had my day, it's other people's turn now. I had 22 years. I can't complain," he was quoted as saying by Malaysia's Bernama news agency.

Dr Mahathir is due to be succeeded on Friday by his deputy, Abdullah Badawi.

Khairy Jamaluddin, an assistant to Mr Badawi and also his son in law, told the BBC there would be changes in style and emphasis, but basic policies would remain the same.

"This is not the end of an era because this is a continuity, not a change of regime in any sense," he said.


31 Oct 03,, 14:45
Mahatir was an intrsting politician.

His lecture to fellow Muslims was misunderstood as against Jews. He told the Muslim to lay off and use their brains like the Jews. Of course, he did say that Jews rule the world.

31 Oct 03,, 21:01
argh...i hate his postive discrimination policies! he always had a group of business tycoons by his side and gave out all the govt contracts to them.

Even after that most of the malay headed companies lost billions of dollars.

But thanks to him, Malaysia is still secular with a better infrastructure.

I guess ethnic Indians and chinese are gonna have hard time from now on, the radical islamists are already calling the govt to make malaysia a full fledged islamic state with islamic laws:cry

01 Nov 03,, 02:30
The radical Islamists are in the Northrn two stats. However, they can't implement the Shariat since the law has to be Federal.

Mahatir has called them stupid, who misuse religion.

Yes, Mahatir admitted that economic protection was being given to Malays since they were lazy and could never keep up with the clever Chinese. This was all said during his interview with the BBC.

01 Nov 03,, 05:01
But etnic indians are not doing that well either! yes i may be biased because i'm an indian too, but the last time i visited penang the living condition of people isnt that great :puke

but KL is a visual treat to Indians from India...it kinda gives you the big western city stature!!

Ethnic Indians are in the lower starta and I guess they gonna remain there for atleast some time.

The only bright spot is Ananda Krishnan, of Maxis Telecom a close friend of Mahathir, the only Indian in his entourage.

But the best part of malaysian government is , its being represented by all the etnic groups...Datho.Samivelu being the representative of ethnic Indians.

02 Nov 03,, 15:39
ethnic indians in malaysia are poor because they were brought there as slaves(aka indentured laborers) to work in the rubber farms. people who start as slaves rarely ever work their way up. until today in the us africans are damn poor compared to the rest even after being free for quite some time.

but if you look at immigrants they often make it big. the indian community in the philippines for example is mostly refugees from pakistan who came here with nothing yet a majority of the indians are amongst the richest strata of philippine society.

03 Nov 03,, 01:32
But Dr.M's positive discrimination for Malay's caused more damage to ethnic Indians and Chinese than anything else.

Malay's were poorer than Indians before malaysian independence, but now they'r better off.

But nevertheless, as everywhere the Indian community leans more on education and the IT revolution saved a lot of them. Just visit Penang, its a vibrant rich community now.

But the point I was tring to make is Dr.M's positive discrimination.

03 Nov 03,, 01:54
Is there alot of migration to Malaysia?

Malay and other indigenous 58%, Chinese 24%, Indian 8%, others 10% (2000)

Less than 58% Malay, that much is known.

Where do the immigrants to Malaysia come from?

03 Nov 03,, 05:04
India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh....