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29 Oct 03,, 20:48
Getting back to something that was mentioned MUCH earlier...Is everyone in here a Clerks fan?

29 Oct 03,, 22:11
Dunno bout everyone, but I liked it...

29 Oct 03,, 22:15
I don't remember that conversation. What was it about?

29 Oct 03,, 22:28
Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back... nah, I'm not a fan...

"Hey, try not to suck any d*ck on your way through the parking lot!"

<guy standing against wall moves toward Dante's girlfriend>

"Hey you, get back here!"


29 Oct 03,, 22:39
We need to mention that movie to Pat at work sometime :D

29 Oct 03,, 22:42
The conversation was on the Disturbing Footage thread, seemed like alot of people liked it and I didnt get in on the conversation :(
I really liked Clerks, only saw it for the first time several months ago.
I was really taken with the girl that plays Veronica ("37??"). I've been fortunate to email back and forth with her for a couple months now. She loves to hear from everybody. Her name is Marilyn Ghigliotti. Personally, I think she is hot hot hot!

29 Oct 03,, 23:40
Here's another one of Marilyn :wub

30 Oct 03,, 01:05
what conversation? i dunt remember anything :ermm

30 Oct 03,, 03:28
It was quite awhile ago in this thread (http://www.worldaffairsboard.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=87)

30 Oct 03,, 05:34
u bet! she is hot :wub

30 Oct 03,, 05:37
Best of all, she's a super-nice person...and hot! :D

Officer of Engineers
30 Oct 03,, 16:07
Originally posted by TopHatter
Best of all, she's a super-nice person...and hot! :D

Where else on the internet where you can talk to an USArmy sniper, USArmy Admin, CF LCol, InA Gen ... and a babe.

30 Oct 03,, 16:12
Don't forget IDF recruit!!!

30 Oct 03,, 16:29
Benny, I'd trade you in a heartbeat for Marilyn :LOL

30 Oct 03,, 17:30
Originally posted by TopHatter
Getting back to something that was mentioned MUCH earlier...Is everyone in here a Clerks fan?

Very much so. And I had a few e-mails back & forth with Brian Johnson (Steve-Dave) :LOL

I won't go into detail. But it resembled one of the convo's you'd expect from the New Jersey Trilogy.

The gist of it was sending an e-mail, asking where the Dogma DVD & fly fat ass fly t-shirt were. E-mail 1 went to Ming's computer, who was away somewhere at the time. And the follow up e-mails went to Brian's.

That and thinking "Order number, don't need that". when I placed the order. About ten weeks earlier. And Brian Johnson asked me for it.

30 Oct 03,, 17:37
That line from Mallrats is one of my favorites: "FLY FATASS FLY!"

Let's see what else (from Clerks this time...)

"Oh, hey Caitlin, break his heart again this time, and I'll kill ya. Nothing personal"

"It's important to have a job that makes a difference, boys. That's why I manually masturbate caged animals for artificial insemination."

[Randal is on the phone when a woman and little girl come to the counter.]
'Happy-Scrappy' Mom: Excuse me, do you sell videos?

Randal Graves: Yeah, what're you looking for?
'Happy-Scrappy' Kid: Happy Scrappy Hero Pup.
Randal Graves: Okay, hang on, I'm on the phone with the distribution house now, lemme make sure we got it. What was it called again?
'Happy-Scrappy' Mom: Happy Scrappy Hero Pup.
'Happy-Scrappy' Kid: Happy Scrappy...
'Happy-Scrappy' Mom: She loves it.
Randal Graves: Obviously. Yeah, hello, this is RST Video, customer number 4352, I need to place an order. Okay, I need one each of the following tapes: "Whispers in the Wind", "To Each His Own", "Put It Where It Doesn't Belong", "My Pipes Need Cleaning", "All Tit-Fucking Volume 8", "I Need Your Cock", "Ass-Worshipping Rim-Jobbers", "My **** Needs Shafts", "Cum Clean", "Cum-Gargling Naked Sluts", "Cum Buns III", "Cumming in Socks", "Cum On Eileen", "Huge Black Cocks and Pearly White Cum", "Girls Who Crave Cock", "Girls Who Crave ****", "Men Alone II: the KY Connection", "Pink Pussy Lips", and, uh, oh yeah, "All Holes Filled with Hard Cock". Uh-huh...yeah...Oh, wait, and, what was that called again?

30 Oct 03,, 18:55
Originally posted by TopHatter
Benny, I'd trade you in a heartbeat for Marilyn :LOL

Aww, gee, thankx.

30 Oct 03,, 19:27
Sorry, just no comparison there :D

30 Oct 03,, 23:02
More of Marilyn :dbanana

30 Oct 03,, 23:50
Dude, she looks really old.

31 Oct 03,, 06:07
dude, thats ok :roll

31 Oct 03,, 06:58
Well Ironman, you're a bit young for her.
I, on the other hand, think she's simply amazing :wub