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26 Oct 03,, 23:56
There is going to be a World Affairs website with Military and Economic News and Info. Gio is having someone he knows make the design.

If you have any Ideas for it post it here

27 Oct 03,, 00:14
A daily column:

"Why France Sucks"

27 Oct 03,, 00:18
I volunteer to write it!

27 Oct 03,, 04:42
Alright... then I volunteer to read it and laugh my ass off...

27 Oct 03,, 17:01
Yes you need to post a weekly Private Murphy's Law cartoon :D

29 Oct 03,, 22:57

29 Oct 03,, 23:01
Every gas chamber I have ever been to has a tree in front of the door, I think they do that on purpose. SFC Mark Baker

I know Jackson had one right outside the door.

30 Oct 03,, 19:09
W.A.T. Wack a Troll.

Any trolling by Commies, Mullahs, Nazi's, ect. And they get thier name in a small colunm. Suggestiing they get ganged up on on the forums.

31 Oct 03,, 21:52
Maybe we could have a version of the CIA World Factbook on our website?

AFAIK, it is not copyrighted, and it is reproduced on many websites.

I think the 2003 World Factbook would be an excellent resource to have on our website :) It would also match our current color scheme nicely.

Maybe we could have another tab at the top of the forum titled "Resources".

Right now it's under the uploads folder, but it could be put under a different directory.


31 Oct 03,, 21:56
dats a good idea.

Also we can link/post articles from think tanks and political orgs......like CSIS, RAND etc.

31 Oct 03,, 22:05
The CIA World Factbook cover page worked, but then I saved the United States profile as a complete webpage and dropped it in, didn't work.

I'm downloading the entire 135 MB folder now, will see if it works.

31 Oct 03,, 22:08
Maybe M21 can do a review of the Stryker:angel

31 Oct 03,, 22:23
It'd be a short 4 letter review

31 Oct 03,, 23:20
WAB World Factbook is up and running :)


31 Oct 03,, 23:21
Yeah, but he could justify it as an acronym:

S.H.I.T. = Something... However, Isn't Tank

As for more website suggestions...

A 'Links' page? Have WAB and WT forums, PVT Murphy, etc... suggestions from site members to be added on a "suggest/investigate/approve" basis?

I dunno... my brain's not very productive today. I'm extremely tired.