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28 Sep 05,, 08:57
Either a change of mind, since he was better off in India, or a mole. What made him go to PoK in the first place?...

PoK family comes back after 27 yrs
By: Agencies
September 28, 2005

Jammu: A man, his wife and their seven children, including three sons and four daughters, have migrated to India from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), alleging torture by the Pakistan army and locals.

All of them crossed over

to this side of the Line of Control (LoC) from the border Krishna Ghati area in Mendhar in Poonch district yesterday and surrendered before the Army at a forward post, according to a defence ministry spokesman.

Left India in 1978

The spokesman said Shabir Hussain (48), who was originally an Indian hailing from Dharana village in mendhar, had exfiltrated to Pok in 1978.

In PoK, he settled at Jandrot near Nikial and worked as a labourer. Talking to reporters at an Army camp at Krishna Ghati, Shabir said before he migrated to pok in 1978, he had served in the Fifth Batallion of Jammu and Kashmir armed police from 1971 to 1976.

Shabir’s family

His father Inayat Hussain Shah, three brothers — Shakeel, Bashir and Safir — and other family members still lived at Dharana, he added. Shabir said in PoK, he married Musharat Bi.

The couple has seven

children, including Fakira (17), Faiza Bukhari (15), Manush Bukhari (12), Mairan Hussain Shah (10), Irsalan Hussain Shah (7), Aliza Bukhari (4) and Usnain Hussain Shah (3).

Tortured by Pak army

He said he was forced to return to India as he faced economic hardships and was tormented by the Pakistan army and locals.

Shabir said the Pakistan army and militants had been subjecting him to torture for the past few years after he refused to work for them.

Lahori paa jee
28 Sep 05,, 13:11
Waow thats a big news. Im really impressed by this great achievement

28 Sep 05,, 14:44
It sure gives us more insignt into that MORI poll does it not. :)

28 Sep 05,, 14:56
Another link to same story
Family return after 27 yrs in PoK (http://www.dailyexcelsior.com/)

Penury forces family to return from PoK after 27 yrs

From Gopal Sharma

AKHNOOR SECTOR, Sept 27: Penury, insecure future of the growing children and the disgraceful life after repeated harassment and victimisation by the militant leaders and ISI men forced Shabir Hussain Shah to return home in Mendhar after spending nearly 27 long years in Pak occupied Kashmir (PoK).

The family including four daughters and three sons besides 59 year old Shabir and his wife Musrat Bi were captured by the Indian Army when they were trying to cross the Line of control from Balnoi area of Mendhar at 6 am on Monday. They were challenged and taken into custody by the Armymen. His eldest daughter Fakhra Bi is 18 year old and is student of 10th while another Faiza Bi 15, a student of 8th class. Two sons Irslam and Usnaik Ali are just kids while Mehran Ali (10) studies in 4th class. Two daughters are younger and have not started schooling.

Shabir, who has served as a Constable in the 5th Battalion of the J&K Police for five years told the Excelsior that he left the job in 1976 and handed over his kit to the concerned officer at Batmaloo in Srinagar. Thereafter, he went to his village Dharana near Mendhar.

" I was just 25 when I left the village and crossed over to PoK in 1978 alone. After crossing I reached Jandrote village in Kotli district of PoK and started working there as labourer. I married in 1985 to a local girl and they supported me a lot. The mother of my wife basically belonged to Mendhar area of Poonch and she had shifted alongwith her parents to PoK after 1965 war. " he maintained.

Referring to the life style and general behaviour of the local people with those migrated from Poonch and Rajouri areas, Shabir said they are not treated well as the people from agencies and also the militant leaders used to exert pressure on the male members and harass them to work for them and guide the militants for crossing over to J&K. This trend has increased in the last eight years. He alleged that ISI men and militant leaders victimised him for many years for this and he was finding the future of his children uncertain. The fear of armed men continued to haunt the family and they were disgraced many times. Moreover, it was becoming very difficult to feed the large family.

Replying to a question Shabir said, " putting the life of my wife and children to risk, I decided to flee back to my native village Dharana in Mendhar and settle with my parents and brothers.

After covering some distance by bus, I managed to reach near the LoC. We moved through jungle and my children were very scared as there was every risk of being killed on the border by the troops. We preferred a route through nallah and when reached just near the fencing at around 6.30 am, the Indian soldiers captured us and took to the camp, where we narrated the whole story. Later, the troops brought my parents and villagers for identification.’’

On being asked about the prospects of others who crossed over to that side long ago from here, Shabir said at least 30 families from Poonch and Rajouri who crossed over to that side and are presently residing around Jandrote long to come back and reunite with their dear ones. They are also facing the victimisation from the agencies and militant outfits in PoK, he added.

A relieved and confident Shabir said he knew about the legal hassles to be faced by him for the citizenship rights of his children but claimed that he was ready to overcome this all as his wife too belonged to Mendhar area and had crossed only after 1965. We have land here and even the revenue record. Our children should be treated as the citizens of J&K state and this country. He said that he would wish to spend his remaining life with his brothers and parents here and will never go back.

Delighted with the arrival of his son, daughter-in-law and grand-children, father Sayed Inayat Hussain and mother Khazina Bibi expressed that they had never thought about the reunion of the family.

"We are extremely happy that our eldest son has come back and is with us. We had some information that he was living in Kotli district and had married there but longed to see him and our daughter-in-law and grandchildren."

In response to a question, Faiza Bi said that she was very happy to see our grandfather and grandmother besides uncles and aunts here. " We also miss our Nani-Nana and other relatives whom we left in PoK for ever. We may be facing some problem in adjustment initially in studies as syllabus and books here will be different. Anyway, we will join school here and restart our study." Both Fakhra and Faiza expressed their desire to settle here for ever and not to go to PoK. They said that life style was good in this side and there was lot of development seen around. The family is being handed over to the State police by the Army authorities for further legal formalities.

28 Sep 05,, 19:17
They should be properly debriefed.

It maybe true that they were browned off with the POK administration, but then one should not let emotions overwhelm wisdom or maybe since I am an Army man, I am being sceptical!

Notwithstanding, it does prove that things are not rosy in the POK.

Seven children indicates no self control. I would advise that he should be explained the goodness of having a small family (though it is a wee bit late) or else he maybe in a position to replace every single member of the beleaguered Indian cricket team! :)

Who knows there may even be a budding cricket captain who fulfills Chappel's norms!

It will be India's gain at Pakistan's loss! ;)

Asim Aquil
28 Sep 05,, 19:24
Who knows there may even be a budding cricket captain who fulfills Chappel's norms!

Stop indoctrinating support through subliminal messages for Ganguly! Bangali UNITY!

29 Sep 05,, 05:37
Referring to the life style and general behaviour of the local people with those migrated from Poonch and Rajouri areas, Shabir said they are not treated well as the people from agencies and also the militant leaders used to exert pressure on the male members and harass them to work for them and guide the militants for crossing over to J&K.
This statement is quite true since the original guides have all be killed or captured and the ISI/jihadis are turning to these refugees. The original guides were mainly porters/int sources/smugglers and these refugees are not of the criminal type hence their hesitation in becoming terrorist guides.

29 Sep 05,, 14:47
Top Hizbul militant surrenders in J-K

PTI[ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2005 12:44:40 PM ]

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JAMMU: Soon after his infiltration from across Pakistan occupied Kashmir, a top Hizbul Mujahideen and Afghanistan trained militant surrendered before troops at a forward post on Line of Control in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir on Wednesday night, officials said.

Identified as Mohmmad Ayoub of Banpat village in Poonch district, the militant entered the Indian territory from Pakistan occupied Kashmir side and went to the forward post and surrendered before the troops on LoC in Poonch district.

"Instead of escaping from the area, he surrendered before the troops," officials said adding the militant also handed over one AK rifle, one pistol, 4 magazines, 5 IEDs and 137 rounds.

Times of India of today :)

oops an update, I watched them on TV too.

Four more terrorists surrender

PTI[ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 2005 02:00:28 PM ]

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JAMMU: After the surrender of a top Hizbul militant on Wednesday night, four more militants, including two Hizbul Mujahideen commanders and a Afghan trained militant have surrendered before troops in Udahmpur and Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, official sources said on Thursday.

After month long motivation by the family members and relatives, three top ultras of Hizbul and Lasker-e-Toiba gave themselves up before security forces in Gool area of Udhampur district early this morning.

They have been identified as Hizbul deputy battalion commander, Farooq Ahmed alias Abu Mahaz, group commander Javed Malik and LeT militant Tariq alias Abu Yunis said police sources.

They also handed over three AK rifles, one pistol, one 303 rifle, seven magazines, nine grenades, one wireless set and some documents.

They also announced joining the mainstream and vowed to work for restoration of peace and normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir.

29 Sep 05,, 17:37
Seven children indicates no self control. ;)


29 Sep 05,, 18:48
'Militant' surrenders in Kashmir

Indian soldiers have fought militants in Kashmir since 1989
The Indian army says a senior Kashmiri militant leader from Pakistan has crossed over the border, to surrender to the Indian authorities.
Militant leader Mohammad Ayub belonged to the Hijbul Mujahideen group, army spokesman Col DK Badola said.

He said Mohammad Ayub had surrendered to the Indian army at its Bahadur Post in the mountainous Poonch district of Indian-administered Kashmir.

India accuses Pakistan of training militants, which Islamabad denies.

The army said the militant leader qualified for rehabilitation under a policy announced by the Indian government.

They said he would also be provided with free vocational training for self-employment.


Ahh those evil unforgiving Indians. :)