View Full Version : Free download of WPS office 2005 (if you know Chinese)

13 Sep 05,, 18:30

WPS (Word Processing system) was a popular software in the DOS time. It exists even before M$'s Windows exists. During that time, almost every PC in China installed WPS. The owner of WPS created the KingSoft company. Its word processing, anti-virus, game products are popular in China.

WPS Office 2005 can run on both Windows and Linux platforms, and fully compatible with Windows office set (DOC, PPT, XLS....). Even the menus are almost same as M$ office. It supports PDF file output (I don't know if this function is free)

WPS office competes against M$ office in Chinese government market face to face for a while. This is the new version release. It took this company 3 years to redesign and recoded the software.

size: 15M only

This is Chinese version. Sorry for others who does not understand Chinese.