View Full Version : China's e-Commerce dealers now 20 million

12 Sep 05,, 20:06

BEIJINJG: The number of people engaged in e-Commerce in China has reached 20 million, making it a burgeoning sector in the Communist nation.

Electronic commerce dealers in China range from CEOs with millions of dollars' sales to individuals operating online stores that may only conduct one or two sales in a year, according to China Electronic Commerce Association (CECA).

"The number of 20 million, however, images electronic commerce as a burgeoning sector in China," CECA head, Mr Song Ling said at the China e-commerce dealers' conference, held yesterday at Hangzhou, capital city of east China's Zhejiang Province.

"Except for playing online games and news browsing, the Internet is vital for promoting e-Commerce as a brand-new pattern of business transactions in China," he said.

The year 2005 is the 10th year since the Internet was first used for commerce in China. "China should step up its building of an e-Commerce credibility system in an effort to ensure a healthy and harmonious development of the sector," he added. - PTI