View Full Version : Malaysian MEKO 100 RMN

29 Aug 05,, 18:52
From Naval Technology and my Combat Fleets concurs:

"The corvettes have one helicopter spot for a helicopter such as AgustaWestland Super Lynx 300 or Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk. Initially, the vessels will be armed with an Oto Melara 76/62 Rapid medium range gun and an Oto Melara/Mauser 30mm short-range gun, but provision is made for the later addition of one RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) RIM-116A launcher for air defence and two launchers for the MM40 Exocet anti-ship missile."

Nor do they have any ASW sonar or weapons. But the Malaysian Navy has reportedly said they want to give them an ASW capability.

It appears any ASW capability will be that if any resident in its organic helo.