View Full Version : Pak-China introducing electric rikshaws and bikes!

Asim Aquil
22 Aug 05,, 05:24

Ok I don't know how far this can be used as a means of public transport! I mean electric cars, generally are dead slow.

22 Aug 05,, 13:41
You can barely break 60 kph on the roads of Karachi anyways dude. The amount of traffic there is insane. These electronic rikshaws would be a great replacement for the noisy petrol ones. Plus a lot better for the environment.

Asim Aquil
22 Aug 05,, 21:50
oh yeah thats true... I drive my casual 80/90/100 on main roads when the traffics light, as I'm used to. But the passengers with me freak out.

And the Altos literally shake as soon as you break 120.