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18 Oct 03,, 18:30
I figured I'd start a tread on literature since I read a lot and most of you do as well.

I'm just going to list the books I'm reading and their genre.

After that I'll review some books that I have read. If your going to review a book I ask that you provide the authorís name, the title, and the genre so that if someone wants to find it in the Library or a bookstore they know where to look.

18 Oct 03,, 19:00
Science Fiction:

Starfire by Charles Sheffield
Infinite Possibilities by Robert A. Heinien


The Celtic Crusades: The Black Rood by Stephen R. Lawhead
Lord Of Chaos by Robert Jordan
Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb
The Grand Design: Book Two of Tyrants and Kings by John Marco
The Eyes of God by John Marco
The DragonBone Chair: Book on of Memory, Sorrow and Thorn by Tad Williams


Gelgamesh: Averse narrative by Herbert Mason


C++ for Dummies by Stephen Randy Davis


IR: The New World of International Relations by Michael G. Roskin and Nicholas O. Barry


Learning Power by Cynthia and Drew Johnson


Winner's Guide to Texas Hold'em Poker by Ken Warren


Firehouse Food: cooking with San Francisco's Firefighters by Geoge Dolese & Steve Siegelman


The Next Fifty years: science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century edited by John Brockman
The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics by Julian Barbour
Galileo's Finger: The ten Great Ideas of Science by Peter Atkins
The Science of Star Wars by Jeanne Cavelos
Before the Beginning: Our Universe and Others by Martin Rees


Meeting to Living God by William J O'Malley, S.J.
God: The Oldest Question by William J O'Malley, S.J.


Economics: institutions and Analysis by Gerson Antell & Welter Harris

18 Oct 03,, 23:18
I read at least 250 books a year. I really enjoy reading. Most of the books are military orientated, but some of them are fantasy like David Eddings.

20 Oct 03,, 23:26

My Jihad. Aukai Collins.

(1/3 of) The Hunter, The Hammer, and Heaven. Robert Young Pelton. (Will read the other two stories where he isn't hanging around Aqil in the future.)

From Beirut to Jerusalem. Thomas L. Friedman.


Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. J.R.R. Tolkien

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers. J.R.R. Tolkien. (Little more than halway done.

21 Oct 03,, 00:07
1) SALT a World History by Mark Kurlansky
It goes into salt and its role throughout recorded history as well as before records. A lot of not widely circulated info.

2) The Elegant Universe
Superstrings, Hidden Dimmensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene
Very well written and accesible info.

3) World History of Warfare by Archer, Ferris, Herwig & Travers
Extremely worth the read for Warfare theory and history buffs.

4) The Greenhill Armoured Fighting Vehicles Databook
Contains a LOT of specs for older tanks, armoured vehicles and self propelled guns.but not a whole lot of pictures

These are just a few of the recent ones I'm working on.

21 Oct 03,, 00:25
I don't read fiction if I don't have to.

I am currently reading:

Collier's Encyclopedia Vol 1.
Collier's Encyclopedia Vol 2.
Collier's Encyclopedia Vol 19

Collier's Encylopedia Yearbook 1956
Collier's Encylopedia Yearbook 1957
Collier's Encylopedia Yearbook 1972

Why the Allies Won (Richard Overy)

21 Oct 03,, 00:40
5) The United States and the Pacific A History of a Frontier by Jean Heffer
I had high hopes for this book from reading the review but found it a somewhat unsatisfactory read compared to its billing. While hardly useless it leaves room for a better work on the subject in my personal opiniion.

6) Cultures of the Jews by David Biale
I'm saving this one (its a big text) for when I have a lot more time than I do now.

7) Encylopedia of North American Indians: Native American History, Culture, and Life. From Paleo-Indians to the Present. by Fredrick E. Hoxie
This is a large and excellent work but by no means an end all resource on the subject. It is however a prized posession.

8) The Oxford History of Islam
Oxford nearly always publishes excellent work and this one is no exception

9) Scotland the Story of a Nation by Magnus Magnusson
I haven't had time for this one yet either

10) Arabs at War by Kenneth M. Pollack
I thought this one was an OK read (i mostly skim read it) It just didn't measure up to the level of a previous similar read "Elusive Victory" by Trevor Dupuy. But then that is a rather tall order.

Yes there are a lot more. I Seemed to have joined too many book clubs. I didn't bother to mention the technical books Sigh

21 Oct 03,, 01:20
Originally posted by Sparky
2) The Elegant Universe
Superstrings, Hidden Dimmensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene
Very well written and accesible info.

I've read that book. Very intriguing. If you like that your like The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics by Julian Barbour. It's challenging to get your mind around, but once you do it changes your whole perspective on the universe.

21 Oct 03,, 03:12
Lord of the Rings. Just finishing the third book.

21 Oct 03,, 14:01
"Unsinkable" Daniel Allen Butler

Its about the construction and sinking of the Titanic.

21 Oct 03,, 15:52
I'm in the middle of the 'Swords' series by Fred Saberhagen.

Currently Reading:
5th Book of Lost Swords: Coinspinner's Story

This is the 8th book in a series I first started reading about 8 years ago. I didn't have all the books (there are 12 in all), so I never finished it. Good fantasy series. I got 'em in the middle of July, so I'm averaging 2-3 a month. I'm a slow reader though...

Also currently reading:
The Holy Bible - reading both KJV and NIV

22 Oct 03,, 02:32
Townsaver, Coinspinner, Shieldbreaker, Doomgiver, Farslayer et al?

That series kicked ass.

Townsaver was my fave.

What were the other 7 swords named?

22 Oct 03,, 02:33
Wait, one was Dragonslayer, right?

So that leaves six.

22 Oct 03,, 06:21
People's history of the US(marxist book, kinda interesting)

a bio on ole great leader nixon

all quiet on the western front

Reagan, In His Own Hand

Lies My Teacher Told Me (another semi-maxist book)


22 Oct 03,, 11:20
about 1 or 2...
my uncle reads like 20