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03 Aug 05,, 00:05

I know its been a long time between drinks, but I've been busy :)

The short of it is that I enjoyed my last Army Reserve course so much I'm applying to join the regular Army. Hopefully, I'll be starting at the Royal Military College Duntroon in Janurary. My wife and I still have a lot of stuff to sort out though re moving, but I'm pretty excited.

Any married members got any hints for married couples in the services?

03 Aug 05,, 00:22
Great news Buddy! :) Very glad you've found something good for you!

03 Aug 05,, 00:29
Yeah, well, I graduate in November with a Bachelor of Political Science & History, but there are very few jobs in the area where I live. I was keen to do teaching, but that means another two years of uni, and I'm sick of not earning money.

I'm good at army stuff (well, the academic side of things anyway, my fitness and upper-body strenght will need work), and they look after you so....

I want to join intel corps, but apparently that's the most difficult to get into, because it requires academic excellence as well as physical. (You have to serve 12-18 mths in an infantry batallion, so you have to be well fit.)

My wife is getting used to the idea. Hopefully we'll get posted to somewhere she has friends.