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13 Oct 03,, 05:19
The New Army (

The above link is a link to Tanknet thread titled , "The New Army".

Apparently, the former soldiers and grunts of US Army were happy to see Shineski go as they view him as a Clinton man.

Man, the people at Tanknet are so blinded by their hatred of Clinton that it spreads to anybody who have been picked by Clinton

Anyway, the curious thing is that Shoemaker is willing to continue Shineski's reforms but is adding one more reform, that is, the replacement of individual replacement system with unit manning system. I view it as a good thing. The problem with its implementation before was that the previous administrations did not like unit manning system for reasons that are not clear to me.

One reform of Shineski is being slowed down and that is the Future Concept System. Shoemaker said that we have to focus on the present right now so basically he's saying that we are putting the FCS on the backburner. However the IBCTs will be going forward to see the feasibility of that concept. One interesting tidbit is that one of the IBCT is shippiing via ships not planes defeating the entire purpose of the IBCT.

What do you guys say about this?

Officer of Engineers
13 Oct 03,, 06:34
FCS promised too much too fast. The current planned deployment of the Objective Force would be still manned systems. Maj Horst has already identified the key components. Digitized Abrams and Bradleys with the Strykers acting as the support elements. The Army is still short a digitized gun since the cancellation of the Crusader. NETFIREs can't come on the scene in time for the 1st OF deployment.

As for the IBCT, it falls back to the try and true fast reaction methodologies - pre-positioning.