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14 Jul 05,, 09:04

14 Jul 05,, 09:27
that's just a paper airplane. not much is known about it. hopefully it can be a match for the chinese J13 an JXX. :biggrin:

14 Jul 05,, 09:29
Not a bad idea, assuming they really can pull it off at a decent price. If they do I'll bet there'd be a few more than 500 on order. It kinda looks more like the Black Widow II than the Raptor or JSF. Fat chance it comes into service by 2010.
By the way, have they come up with a nickname for the JSF yet?

14 Jul 05,, 10:36
No, no nickname for the JSF yet.

Now lockheed is having a lot of problems with the USN F-35C model.

Looks like they may have to do a costly wing redesign because despite their best efforts the landing speeds are still about 5 knots too high.


14 Jul 05,, 11:27
more like a cheap alternative for Raptor for japan.

14 Jul 05,, 11:30
The US Navy's not gonna like that at all.

14 Jul 05,, 12:03
If this plane will be developed it could be an export hit, because a lot of country's wish to have state-of-the-art fighter, but don't have the money for an effective number of F-22.

14 Jul 05,, 13:49
Maybe Taiwan will buy some of these.

14 Jul 05,, 14:00
This is basicly a one-engined, simplified YF-23 Black Widow. I doubt it will ever enter service.

14 Jul 05,, 14:19
Good grief, It's just a hoax drawing made by some kid from a gaming site. It's not a real project... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

16 Jul 05,, 01:56
I think this guy posts on the World's Armed Forces Forum on Network 54.

Its ****ing awfull forum, more flaming and ignorance than here.