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11 Jul 05,, 05:50
A version of the FNC for the Police is chambered for 7.62x45mm caliber. Pretty neat as they make 5.56mm, 7.62mm M-43, 7.62mm NATO, 30/06, 9x19mm and 9x21mm already. So they spent money and time testing a different bullet for special police units.


PT. Pindad's foremost invention product to be used for law enforcement purpose. It has been design as a mature developed thinking result to get a product that could increase self confidence on the law enforcement personnel. Having stopping power and high accuracy, this type of ammunition would be very suitable for paralyzing a target at an effective distance. The weapon to be used is Sabhara/Police Rifle.

Sabhara RIFLE
The successful design SS1 series has encouraged our designers and engineers to develop the war enforcement versions. The development of these version is manly based on the requirement of paralyzing stopping power appropriate or law enforcement conditions.
Available in 2 versions: SABHARA/POLICE-VI and SABHARA/POLICE-V2.

Caliber : 7,62 x 45 mm
Barrel length : 247 mm
Weight : 3,38 kg
Overall length : 790 mm
Mechanism : Gas operated

I have yet to find any reports on the gun as it is not as much for field combat with line units and thus has not killed any guerillas. Just wonder what some of the bullet buffs would think of the caliber...

11 Jul 05,, 06:01
A version of the Beratta in 9x21mm caliber...

Caliber : 9 x 21 mm
Barrel length : 206 mm
Weight : 3,15 kg
Overall length : 60 mm


Forest Guard GUN Pm1-A1 (Jagawana)
This SMG based gun with is distinct caliber, and its capability of performing and ideal stopping power for paralyzing an appropriate gun for forest guard authorities as well as other law enforcement officers.

11 Jul 05,, 16:32
Dude, that's the perfect short-range round. If they loaded a longer bullet and less powder with reworking of the recoil system, they could make an excellent silenced rifle.