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Gun Grape
21 Jan 19,, 20:15
On July 14, 1966 LtCdr Richard Bellinger was shot down by a VPAF airplane but was rescued after ejection. He got payback on 9 Oct when he downed the first MIG-21 splashed by a US Navy pilot.

LtCdr Bellinger was a USAAF bomber pilot in WW2 and later transferred to the Navy.

On to the model. The Academy 1/72 F-8E.

When your out of F-8s your out of fighters.


I'm using the "On Yankee Station decal sheet, that I got the F-4 decals from


The plane comes with flaps in the neutral position. I'm going to raise the wing. When the wings were up all the control surfaces were dropped. Wolfpack to the rescue


Gun Grape
09 Feb 19,, 05:32
Found a bit of time to work on the plane today.

First thing was to cut out the flaps and slats off the wing

The Wolfpack replacements. Nice resin. Nothing warped Small amount of cleanup


Academy made the speed brake, landing gear, and upper wing mating surface as separate assemblies instead of molding them into the fuselage halves. If you were to use resin upgrade sets there would be no cutting just drop them in. But it does make it a PITA to get everything lined up when joining the fuselage.

The landing gear subassembly


and everything all together


Gun Grape
24 Feb 19,, 21:12
Update. Lot of real world work. Interfered with working on this. Wife now has a 8'X16' raised bed garden. Dirt comes monday. I put new vinyl siding on the house. Yesterday was the wife and I's 28th Wedding Anniversary.

The only problem I've had was with the Wolfpack outer slats. They had shrunk a bit, not an uncommon problem with resin, so I used the kit parts instead

Today got a little bit of work done on the model

Primer went down last weekend. White Vallejo. Started painting today





Gun Grape
28 Feb 19,, 04:20
Working on the decals. Both the Furball and the kit decals are printed by Cartograf. So no problems at all




Gun Grape
28 Feb 19,, 04:20
Working on the decals. Both the Furball and the kit decals are printed by Cartograf. So no problems at all




Gun Grape
01 Mar 19,, 22:54
Decals done. Next a satin coat, put the missiles on her and call it done.

I had one small fit issue, that took about 30 seconds to fix. Placed the wing on and they didn't fit. So I shaved the fuselage back to the bulkheads and everything is perfect.



Oh and contrary to the instructions the interior where the wing fits for flight is NOT painted green. Its white

Decals done

I thought of putting a kill marking (PRVN Flag) on the plane but I haven't seen a picture of one on a VF-162 aircraft.



Gun Grape
02 Mar 19,, 09:01
Still a little bit of touch up but she is done.

Its a great tight fitting kit. No putty required.

Things I would have done different/got wrong.

I Should have glued a piece of half round stock to the wolfpack flaps. They don't have a lot of gluing surface with the wing. And when I sanded them, they didn't come out at exactly the same angle. So one side sits lower than the other. A piece of half round would have let me adjust them and made a better bond.

The outer flaps from wolfpack had shrunk. So I used the kit slats instead. I forgot to sand them to the proper angle, so they sit straight. Oops.

The rescue arrow is in the wrong position. I followed the kit/decal instructions. Not 20 min ago I googled a pic of LtCdr Bellinger. Its one that includes the front of the plane, right after he landed from this mission. Decals were wrong. Always verify before you commit. Now the decal is under 3 coats of tamiya gloss and removing it would mean repainting and I don't think I could get everything to blend in. I can live with that.

One thing I am doing now. my gloss coats are a 60/40 mixture of Tamiya clear and Mr Color leveling thinner. Crystal clear, level and bulletproof. Mr Color is a lacquer so open a window before you spray.

The kit came with 4 AIM-9D missiles and 2 French R 550 Magic missiles. Cdr Bellingers plane was loaded with 2 AIM-9Bs and 2 AIM-9Ds. I modofoed the Magic Missiles (based on the AIM-9B) . The front half of the Magic has 2 sets of fins. Cut the back ones off and you have a 9B. Or close enough in 1/72 scale.

On to the finish pics

The fuselage missile racks are different from each other to account for the bulge made by the refueling probe





Gun Grape
02 Mar 19,, 09:04
A pic of Cdr Bellinger after the shootdown.


And no Crusader thread would be complete without this