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Gun Grape
31 Dec 18,, 04:39
Last build of the year.
This is the 1/72 scale Eduard Fokker E.III weekend edition.

First Eduard model I've built, won't be my last. The model came out in 2009. Its a "In House" kit vice one of their reboxed "other brand" kits.

Being a "Weekend kit" it doesn't come with any PE. And the only thing keeping me from building this in a weekend is high humidity playing havoc with the paint drying. It has a very easy to follow 8 page instruction booklet.

The only problem I had ws part 14. the horizontal stabilizer. Very small attachment point and I snapped them off. Easy fix though

on with the pics




Either a small model or a huge Q-tip

Gun Grape
01 Jan 19,, 05:56
Getting this as close as I can before the year is out. A little paint, a little rigging, snapped the Horizontal stabilizers of 2 more times. Now they are super glued to the fuselage

This is a plane that doesn't look right without rigging.Its one of the things you focus on. So I'll try to rig a 1/72 scale plane. EZ Line is making it simple. It grabs as soon as you touch it with a dab superglue.

One thing. Next time I decide to do a biplane. Its going to be in a bigger scale. Roden and Eduard make some great 1/48 scale WW1 planes. I've got one more 1/72 scale biplane (Special Hobby F3F-2).

Picture time.

Great engine detail for the scale. Vallejo Metal color aluminum and a wash with MIG Dark Gray.

(and not letting me post pictures)

Gun Grape
01 Jan 19,, 06:01
Lets try it now



Landing gear on


Rigging started


look real close


Gun Grape
01 Jan 19,, 06:04
Wings and tail on. Should be done tomorrow

Oh Lifecolor paint sucks.

Seatbelts and everything


Gun Grape
05 Jan 19,, 02:13
Quick update. Decals on. Now the rigging starts

The round spot on the right wing is the compass

The black line going down the middle of the plane is stitching. Where they sewed the fabric to the frame

Gun Grape
05 Jan 19,, 21:43
She is finished

Fokker E.III 246/16 flown by Obit. Max Immelmann on June 18th, 1916.


The first German Ace and the first German Fighter plane. His legacy lives on with German Air Force AG 51 Immelmann Squadron flying the Tornado. (I've got that on the bench now)

Model 1/72 Eduard weekend edition

Lifecolor RAL 7009 grey/Green paint
Vallejo Metal Color Aluminum
EZ Line for rigging




The Man


Size Compared to a F-18E