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Gun Grape
30 Apr 18,, 02:46
Suppose to be a fast, fun weekend build. Small parts count, no aftermarket.

Put it together in a couple of hours. Prime/paint. The next day decal and done.


Less than half of the parts are used. No weapons/underwing stores


But its a Italeri kit. Back in the 1970s they made crappy armor models. They branched out and now make crappy aircraft models too.

It took over 3 hours to get the bottom to fit as good as you see it. I had to break out the Dremel tool and grind away.


This is as close as the wings come to fitting. The wings are one part. A part that is wider and shorter than the fuselage that it fits on top of. So I lined up the spine and glued her down.


On any normal build, this would be the place where the model flies into the trash can. It was only $14.

But, the decals will cover almost the whole plane. And damn I really like them.


After this I promise myself. No more 1970s kits.

Gun Grape
01 May 18,, 04:49
I took this week off to go fishing

Up at 5AM. 3 cups of coffee, breakfast, load the rods and tackle in the truck. Line in the water at 7:15.

back home, after visiting the local tackle shop, at 1130AM

Between the wife and I, we caught 21 Spanish Mackerel. The are still small, 13-16in. But that's a good eating size. Had fresh Mackerel for supper. Fish that have only been in cool salt water in the cooler No ice, never frozen or refrigerated. The only way to eat fish.

Got home, fish cleaned, rods washed down,cooler cleaned, hooks sharpened, fishing cart re-loaded, nap, supper and shower. Ready to go again in the morning. Maybe try for some pompano or blue fish.

Had a little time, so I started the decals. Here is where I'm at.

Huge decals, plenty of Mark Fit strong. They are covering the crappy fitting model well.



Gun Grape
01 May 18,, 23:32
Finished with the decals. A little touch-up paint and this one is done.

I think this is the fastest I've ever completed a model as an adult.

Crappy model, great decals. Its a good 3 ft away model




Its close to the real thing


For all you model building people on the WAB.

If I can build and post crappy models, so can you.

Get to it.