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15 Jul 17,, 19:16
Wow, it's been years since I've logged onto WAB. I don't remember exactly why this happened. I remember vaguely that the site was down, or gone, or sold, or shelved... something. Life went on, I essentially eliminated myself from all forums for a long time. Used to "contribute" to Iran Defense, Pakistan Defense, some other rowdy and biased boards, and was sick of explaining to new 18 year old enthusiasts why Pakistan could not win a nuclear war with the USA, why that would be a "very bad idea", how "6,000,000+ dead in Iraq" is simply impossible, and generally trying to present a realistic view of modern politics and military. So I bailed on all of them. WAB was the best. I'd like to try again. I cannot guarantee my posting will be as plentiful as it was back then, but I'll try. Want to say HI to old friends here.

Background: USAF veteran, flew the F-15C from 1986 to 1989 - I do know air to air - and followed that as a T-38 instructor. I became an airline puke after that, but maintain ties to old squadron mates, and try to keep current. My latest passion is trying to explain to F-35 haters how "the dogfight is dead" and just how fantastically capable this aircraft is going to be. But laymen cannot let go of Spitfires and Messerschmitts and "check-6" and guns a'blazing.

I'll be catching up! Cheers.

Edit: Wow, got the old Snoopy avatar still, and all the old credentials!

Double Edge
15 Jul 17,, 20:54
Everybody returns eventually : D

15 Jul 17,, 21:41
Everybody returns eventually : D

That's because of WAB quality.

When I left, my oldest daughter had just returned from Afghanistan. She's now moving to San Antonio, still active duty. My son, her younger brother, turned into a scary beast (6'5" 240 lb) and was recently accepted into the 75th Ranger regiment. My youngest daughter is an artillery officer, so all three are active duty U.S. Army. I've truly learned to appreciate and understand U.S. Army life in general.

15 Jul 17,, 22:32
Welcome back. The military side has been slow lately. The political side has been a bunch of bickering about nothing.
Regardless, your contributions have been missed.

16 Jul 17,, 01:15

Good to see you back. Few are posting at the volume from the past...for much of the reasons you've outlined. Still, we're here and there continues to be quality input. You'll help on that score.

Glad your kids are safe and doing well. God love them for what they're giving on our behalf.

16 Jul 17,, 02:18
Holy cow Chogy, I feared (irrationally) that you'd passed on to the great airfield in the sky. Sadly we've lost several members in the somewhat-recent-past.

Really glad you're back, safe and sound.

16 Jul 17,, 02:24
Nice to have you back Chogy. The place is a bit quieter than when you were here last, and sadly we've lost a lot of good people one way and another. Nice to have a good one come back.

16 Jul 17,, 03:43
Welcome back!

16 Jul 17,, 04:39
Dude! I tried to lead a WAB search party to find you. For real, look behind the curtain.

16 Jul 17,, 13:34
Welcome back chogy , you have been missed .

16 Jul 17,, 15:18
welcome back!! it's been years!

16 Jul 17,, 19:54
Was just going through the mod contact list and saw you were still on it. And here you are. Welcome back.

17 Jul 17,, 02:31
Welcome back good sir!!!

17 Jul 17,, 12:52
Welcome back Chogy!

I was just today sadly telling Steve how we have lost just too many good souls here at WAB quite recently. Great to see you come back.

Gun Grape
19 Jul 17,, 02:22
Hey He's back. Its been years since I was able to post this


12 Aug 17,, 00:17
wow! welcome back!!! :-)

Albany Rifles
21 Aug 17,, 13:45

Missed you pal.

Glad you are back. We can tag team in the F-35 thread on the naysayers & near-do wells.

Actually was thinking of you last weekend when I was doing a whirlwind tour of the new-ish Smithsonian Air & Space museum near Dulles airport.

Glad to see you back in train.

21 Aug 17,, 22:24
Isn't Chogy Korean for sweatheart or cutie?