View Full Version : Hey WAB! Please meet Daria

Andrey Egorov
05 Jul 17,, 23:11
Daria, please meet WAB
On July 4th 2017 my daughter Daria was born. Everyone, drinks on me

05 Jul 17,, 23:55
Congratulations Andrey, she's beautiful!

Gun Grape
06 Jul 17,, 01:47
Congratulations Andrey.

Start buying ammo now.

06 Jul 17,, 03:53
Congratulations!!! She's cute.

06 Jul 17,, 04:00
Congrats and well wishes, may she die old and wrinkley; surrounded by kids, grandkids and great grandkids.

06 Jul 17,, 06:21
Pozdravleniya & Mazel Tov !

06 Jul 17,, 09:41
Beautiful Andrey. Congratulations & best wishes to your wife.

Same birthday as America. That worked out well, so we'll treat it as a good omen. :-)

Andrey Egorov
06 Jul 17,, 10:27
Thank you, guys!
She's absolutely amazing

06 Jul 17,, 13:56
Congrats to you and your Wife Andrey. I pray Daria's life may be happy.

06 Jul 17,, 14:40
Congrats man!

Albany Rifles
07 Jul 17,, 18:42
поздравления, Andrey! She is gorgeous!

Say farewell to sleep for several years!

Andrey Egorov
08 Jul 17,, 18:52
Спасибо всем!
My Wife also reads WAB occasionally and she's very thankful for all warm regards. We're all back home now sleeping peacefully. Well, Daria is. I think I lost my sleep until she's 18 and then some, but I'm happy now.

Double Edge
09 Jul 17,, 02:46
Congrats on the new arrival.