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18 Mar 17,, 21:39
Just saw Logan. man, the last scene was -emotional-.

not your regular X-men movie, this one turns up the blood'n'gore to 11...but prevents it from getting cartoonish. the movie is really well-done, gripping, and very emotional for a franchise not known for particularly emotional movies.

having said that, i'm surprised the conservative outrage brigade hasn't descended on this film yet-- this is a hugely, overtly political film.

28 Mar 17,, 16:25
I suspect alt-right websites are criticizing the movie, but Trump's other dramas are sucking all the oxygen out of the room :P

Didn't much care for it. I prefer the X-Men movies. Awesome, sweeping, dramatic films for world-changing consequences. Even the first Wolverine felt more epic than this. Very restricted focus with none of the other X-Men, or even a real explanation of why the world is so crazy.

"Wolverine: Uber Driver" sounds pretty lame to me, tbh.

I also don't care much for the gritty Southwestern feel of the movie. Not my genre.