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16 Mar 17,, 02:27
Going back in time to scan negatives stashed away in the house. Ran across these of Fleet Week in the Bay Area 1999.

16 Mar 17,, 02:28
2nd group

16 Mar 17,, 02:30
3rd group and Lincoln launches...

16 Mar 17,, 02:51
4th group.

Yes, the Blue Angels were that low directly over the Hornet on their return to base. I'd estimate about 500 feet. The noise was painfully ear splitting and the vapor trail was on the flight deck in less than 10 seconds. They have never flown that low over the ship since then. No doubts from all the complaints by Alameda residents in the area.

The USS San Francisco must have slipped in after the rest of the Fleet that Saturday as by Sunday she was across from the Hornet at Pier 3 NAS Alameda. She was open for tours so I did avail myself of the chance and then on Wednesday she left the Bay. Awhille later the USS Greenville stopped by and got the chance to go on board her also. Of course, those two subs later had serious accidents so maybe I am a jinx. Yet then the King Kamehameha also stopped by on her way to Bremerton for decommissioning and she did make it there safely. The King was built at Mare Island.

16 Mar 17,, 02:53
Good bye...