View Full Version : R I P . L Cohen

11 Nov 16,, 11:26
Sad news Leonard Cohen passed away , his dark music was legend , I loved his music .RIP .

"Hallelujah"A fav song

very poignant POEM for today by L Cohen narrator .,, 11 11 11 2016 , SALUTE


11 Nov 16,, 23:30
Suzanne was the first I remember. Great man. Great poet. Leonard outlived two of his proteges- Lou Reed and Jeff Buckley. Total drag but it's the one bus none of us miss.

12 Nov 16,, 00:01
"I'm your man" got me into L. Cohen and I never got out of him.

Rest in Peace.

06 Dec 16,, 11:46
His music always took me to quite reflective space in my head ,not-withstanding the fact there was a a lot of room to spare.