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10 Nov 16,, 22:00
Trump won and we have the chance of laying waste to San Fransisco.

I await the call for 90 day volunteers to go into the state which is opposed to the 2nd Amendment...

California Today: Secessionist Groups Seize the Moment
[Mike McPhate]

Mike McPhate


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For a second night on Wednesday, thousands of protesters gathered in cities across the state to denounce the idea of a Donald J. Trump-led America, with some chanting, ”Not my president!”

On social media, the hashtag #Calexit took off, echoing the British decision to leave the European Union.

And in Sacramento, a joint statement from legislative leaders said, “Today, we woke up feeling like strangers in a foreign land.”

For one group, the postelection reaction has been electrifying. Yes California, a grass-roots organization with 3,000 or so supporters, has for years been trying to persuade Californians to take up the cause of secession.

“We hit it big with Trump being elected,” Marcus Ruiz Evans, a spokesman, said on Wednesday.

California cannot, of course, just pick up and leave. Even if the state wanted to, an exit would require two-thirds approval of both the House and Senate in Washington, along with the blessing of 38 state legislatures — a feat analysts say is implausible.

But Mr. Evans may be on to something. After Mr. Trump clinched his victory late Tuesday, at least three tech investors signaled a willingness to finance a secession effort.

Shervin Pishevar, a co-founder of Hyperloop One, announced on Twitter that he would back a “legitimate campaign” for California to become its own nation.

Marc Hemeon, another entrepreneur, responded to Mr. Pishevar saying to count him in. So did Dave Morin, a founder of the social network Path.

Speaking by phone, Mr. Hemeon, who is the founder of Design Inc. in Orange County, said he was “reeling” from Mr. Trump’s win. He felt compelled to do something.

“Fighting for your family — that’s what it comes down to,” said Mr. Hemeon, who has two daughters and a son.
At the University of California, Berkeley, on Wednesday, protesters reacted to the election of Donald J. Trump and chanted, “Not my president!” Credit Jim Wilson/The New York Times

Calls for secession are not new in California. There have been at least 200 such proposals since the state’s founding in 1850.

Modern secessionists have argued that Californians have simply drifted too far culturally from the rest of the country. What’s more, they say, with an economy larger than France, the state doesn’t need America.

Mr. Evans, of Yes California, said help from sympathizers in Silicon Valley, where anti-Trump sentiment runs deep, could help speed the way toward his group’s nearest goal: a referendum on the ballot.

One purchase he would make right away, he said: billboard space along Interstate 5 heading into Sacramento.

The design is already created. It reads, “Welcome to Our Nation’s Capital.”

10 Nov 16,, 22:06
These dumbasses can't even remember a year ago when the farming belt and other parts of California wanted to break away from these same idiots

If somehow California breaks off from the union (yeah right), they better be prepared for it to break off into 4 or 5 different pieces.

10 Nov 16,, 22:12
Personally I think we should let them break off

Then wait a year and go in there and conquer their asses.

That way we can purge the idiot politicians in SF and LA and Cow Town.

10 Nov 16,, 22:20
Ridiculous and pointless. California can't secede from the Union any more than Texas can.

And how many people beyond a tiny noisy minority even want this anyway?

11 Nov 16,, 00:25
^ assuredly less than the number of secessionists in Texas!

just the standard rage that occurs after a lost election, magnified due to the fact that it was so shocking.

as an aside into the tech world, one of the fascinating things is seeing how this election has transformed Silicon Valley's political viewpoints. far from the conservative general belief that California just consists of Berkeley commies, Silicon Valley has always had a mini-fissure in political culture, between the majority-technocrats (the engineer type) and minority-libertarians (the hacker type).

over the course of the Obama years there was something of a detente, because the Obama administration was pretty much technocratic-- and socially liberal, while the economic regulations largely did not fall on the tech world, so the libertarians stayed largely quiet. mostly, tech had an "above it all" disdain, where both sides believed that their inventions would not just transcend petty political fighting, but make it pointless.

with this election, things have changed. especially with the likes of Peter Thiel loudly supporting Trump, along with a weird mix of techno-anarchists/alt-right types. a lot of the former disdain has disappeared during the last exhausting two years as tech gets more involved in politics. i suspect the shock of this election-- especially in this bubble of bubbles-- will accelerate this trend.

11 Nov 16,, 02:18
I don't see why they would want to secede. Why not move to beautifully diverse Mexico?

13 Nov 16,, 04:10
Southern California is Northern Mexico in all but name.

13 Nov 16,, 04:17
Trump won and we have the chance of laying waste to San Fransisco.

I await the call for 90 day volunteers to go into the state which is opposed to the 2nd Amendment...

Do you think only your side has guns?

13 Nov 16,, 04:20
California has a history of breaking up. One time Northern California wanted to merge with southern Oregon and all was planned. Then a little event on Dec 7 1941 changed all that.

If California leaves i say good riddence but a few things have to happen first.

1) Northern and Eaastern California isnt going to follow the insanity so the state must break up. Simple as that.

2) They have to take back all those liberals that recenty left the state. Go back 15 years and all registered democrats need to return. No point in letting them poison the rest of the country. Give Oregon, Nevada and Colorado a break.

3) There will be a wall around what is left of California. Once they leave there is no coming back or pretending they haven't left. They go and it is over....Period. Absolutely no open border.

13 Nov 16,, 08:40
Do you think only your side has guns?

Dude,don't be ridiculous just for the sake of playing tough.Your side is made of gangsta's who shoot sideways and cry-in protesters.You don't have the will,the skill and the firepower.

13 Nov 16,, 17:03
none of this is going to happen, it's just emotions running high.

remember this?


that was pie in the sky too, albeit rather more serious than all this talk now.

13 Nov 16,, 18:08
Sure, ruin the dream. If California did leave then the ret of the country would see about a 12% reduction in violent crime. That would put an end to the liberal gun control agenda in a heartbeat. That fact alone is why the east coast liberals would fight tooth and nail to keap California.