View Full Version : H/Bday bigross

09 Sep 16,, 13:50
Just in case your still looking in matey ,,all the best .

Albany Rifles
09 Sep 16,, 14:11
What Tankie said...Happy Day!

09 Sep 16,, 15:19
Have a good one Ben!

11 Sep 16,, 13:04
Thanks, guys!

Officer of Engineers
11 Sep 16,, 13:21
Someone looking to join the dinosaur league.

11 Sep 16,, 14:42
Thanks, guys!

Benny , get yer arse in gear n get back posting , me n yella needs the 3 amigos of sarcasm back . Hope all is well in your world bud .

12 Sep 16,, 03:59
Happy birthday!! :-)

12 Sep 16,, 08:40
Truth be told, I only stop in to WAB on rare occasions, but Dok let me know that you good folks wished me a happy birthday and I wanted to say thanks.

My birthday was pretty awesome. (Unbeknownst to me), my wife gathered all my friends and we went paintballing, after which we had a BBQ with plenty of good meat and leftovers.

Then, while we were out, she asked her father and brother in law to pick up and drop off my new whisky cabinet from Ikea, which I put together and stocked the second we got home:42102

The latest addition to the whiskey cabinet was a present my friends got together and bought, a 30 year old GlenGlassaugh for my 30th birthday:


And that's how I celebrated my birthday.

12 Sep 16,, 13:42
Ooe will be round shortly . haha

Albany Rifles
12 Sep 16,, 15:49

And great to hear from you. Be well.