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04 Aug 16,, 08:45
Bosnian Federal Police issued arrest warrants for two hackers, a mother and a daughter, who are suspected that from one of the accounts of a company in Livno (BiH) alienated more than 50,000 KM (~25,000 EUR).

Zorica Vučani (48) and her daughter Kristina Vučani (25) are suspected for "conspiracy to commit criminal offenses".

The suspects allegedly, earlier this year, hacked the account of the Livno company and transferred the money to their own account.

They are still at large. *rofling*


04 Aug 16,, 12:43
Must be the dumbest hackers ever.

04 Aug 16,, 13:17
Must be the dumbest hackers ever.

But the best-looking ones for sure!

04 Aug 16,, 13:36
Both look psychotic killers. Sending them to jail would be an insult, have them dig up latrines. Both Colonel OOE and I would like that.

04 Aug 16,, 13:58
Transfered to their own account ,, wow ,, they make S Palin look intelligent .