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08 Oct 03,, 15:51
Ted Nugent endorses 'Gun Nut' ice cream
Firearm-rights advocate hooks up with company battling Ben & Jerry's

Posted: October 7, 2003
1:00 a.m. Eastern

2003 WorldNetDaily.com

Ted Nugent, rock musician, avid outdoorsman and defender of gun rights, has
come out in support of "Gun Nut" ice cream, a new flavor unveiled by a
company billing itself as "the conservative alternative to liberal Ben &

Star Spangled Ice Cream Company announced the new partnership yesterday in a

"Star Spangled Ice Cream, the ice cream with a conservative flavor, is proud
that Ted Nugent had endorsed our newest politically incorrect flavor, Gun
Nut," said company Vice President Richard Lessner. "Ted Nugent is a great
defender of the people's right to bear arms. We believe Gun Nut is a perfect
complement to the wild-game recipes in Ted's best-selling cookbook, 'Kill It
and Grill It.'"

Nugent recently made news with the announcement of a new reality TV show,
"Surviving Nugent," where contestants test their endurance while living off
the land on the rocker's rural spread.

"This ice cream is awesome!" Nugent is quoted as saying on the company's
website. "After I kill it and grill it, I plan to finish my feast with a
bowl of Gun Nut!"

The new flavor is described as "coconut almond chip."

According to the statement, the company has partnered with Nugent and Gun
Owners of America in the promotion of Gun Nut. The firm plans to donate $1
from the sale of each quart of Gun Nut to the educational work of the Gun
Owners Foundation Gun Safety Project. Nugent, who heads United Sportsmen of
America, works closely with GOA.

Star Spangled Ice Cream Company sells its product via its website. Besides
Gun Nut, flavors include I Hate the French Vanilla, Nutty Environmentalist,
Iraqi Road and Smaller Govern-mint. Star Spangled donates 10 percent of the
profits from the sale of its original four flavors to charities supporting
the U.S. Armed Forces.

In the statement, the company made a point to note who was not endorsing the
new ice cream flavor: "Among the celebrity non-endorsers of Gun Nut are
Barbra Streisand, Rosie O'Donnell, Alec Baldwin, Al Franken, Al Gore,
Michael Moore and the Dixie Chicks."

08 Oct 03,, 16:31
Thats it, even though I don't eat Ice Cream, I'm going to make my wife buy nothing but this stuff for herself :D:dbanana

08 Oct 03,, 21:14
wtf, gun nut ice cream?

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17 Oct 03,, 19:49
Originally posted by M21Sniper

This comes in the same year someone yelled "DURANT FOR PRESIDENT!". In the Barnes & Noble review of his book. That'd make for an interesting Republican Primary if the both ran in the same year.

...Or loud booing in either/both ran as Democrats. :flamemad