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01 Apr 16,, 15:17
The $35,000 Tesla Model 3 in pictures (http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/1/11342104/tesla-model-3-announcement-photos)

The Tesla Model 3 is here sort of. It won't actually ship to the thousands of customers with preorders until late 2017, but we finally have our first look at it, even if Elon Musk says this is just Part 1 of the Tesla Model 3 story. Part 2 is yet to come.

Tesla says the car will go more than 215 miles on a charge and will start at $35,000, though it will be possible to run the price much higher with added options.

Now what we care about is what the Model 3 actually looks like. Here are a selection of images from Tesla, the livestream from this evening, and Verge Deputy Editor Chris Ziegler, who is braving the crowds on the ground at the Tesla event.

And if you missed Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Model 3 presentation, it's not too late to watch the whole thing or just watch the Model 3 race around a track. That's pretty cool too.


01 Apr 16,, 16:31
According to NPR, after Federal tax credits, you could get the price down as low as $27,500. The bad news? The cars won't be available for delivery until 2017.

A Tesla For The Masses? Orders For Model 3 Top 100K In First Hours (http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/04/01/472640001/a-tesla-for-the-masses-the-model-3-is-unveiled-in-california)

01 Apr 16,, 17:43
I want....oh how I WANT!!

01 Apr 16,, 19:14
My next car will be a Tesla. I will give them 5 years to sort out any first gen issues.

02 Apr 16,, 06:38
The feelgood about having one wrt environment is 0.

02 Apr 16,, 07:20

The feelgood about sticking it to OPEC and Russians is maximal :D

02 Apr 16,, 20:46
Coal is scarce, too

02 Apr 16,, 23:13
Coal for producing energy is less damaging.Besides,electricity can be produced in gazillion ways.
Tbh,range is still an issue.350km is less than half my Civic can go.
Battery tech still needs another generation of evolution to be able to dominate over classical engines.
If I'd had the talent and not be busy with something else,I'd try to create conversion kits from CE to EV.Tesla cars still seem a bit behind traditional companies when it comes to interior design.A BMW 8 Series with Tesla performance and engine ... :D