View Full Version : Shep Paine passed away

Gun Grape
03 Aug 15,, 04:22
Probably the most famous modeler of our time. I think anyone that builds models has seen his work and bought his books.

For those that remember the Monogram models of the 70s. He was the one that did the box art and produced the inserts on how to make the diorama.

He suffered a stroke in July and passed away Saturday. He was 69



08 Aug 15,, 06:18

Yeah, back in the '70's he was THE model maker that everyone aspired to be as good as. Very prolific. I think I still have a couple of the "how to" books he published back in the '80's on building models.

Builder 2010
22 Aug 15,, 21:56
My, oh my. 69 is way too young! I just turned 70 and don't relish end of life thinking at all. He'll be sorely missed.