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27 Mar 15,, 05:54
Seems that Bud Light is America's favorite beer. It's not mine, not that I drink much beer, but I'll take a Sam Adams ale over that swill.


As seen in the Economist.

27 Mar 15,, 07:51
Not only do I hate the beer I also despise their moronic commercials. I drink beer every night and have only drank generally small brewer beers such as Fat Tire Amber, Pyramid Amber and Lagunitas IPA. Sam Adams is bigger but still a darn good beer.

27 Mar 15,, 09:54
Sad to see kingfisher still top.
Too much glycerin causes mega headaches.

I had to cut way back on alcohol to modest amounts about 1 or 2 times a week but sticking to carlsberg these days.

Zad Fnark
27 Mar 15,, 12:19
Wisconsin small brews.

Spotted Cow.

New Glarus Brewing (http://www.newglarusbrewing.com/index.cfm/beers/ourbeers/beer/spotted-cow)

You won't see it outside the state, since they can't keep up here.

27 Mar 15,, 21:26
A pretty sad commentary on the taste (or lack thereof) of the average American beer drinker. Never had a liking for any Budweiser beers, Lite or otherwise; only way I'd drink it was if I was at a social function where it was free, and there was nothing else to drink. If I'm going to drink a cheap/inexpensive beer, give me a Coors any day.

I've gone "up the food chain", so to speak, in my taste for beer; started out with Coors Light/Extra Gold (we thought we were really cool in college drinking Coors Extra Gold), worked my way "up" to the Canadian ales/lagers (Labatt, Moosehead, Molson, etc.), then decided in the '90's that Heineken was the "cool" beer, and finally "discovered" American ales/IPAs/lagers (in particular, Sierra Nevada ales).

01 Apr 15,, 06:40
Spaten Optimator Is my first choice. They also make a beer that is frozen for a few months but I can not remember the name at the moment. Both are rather difficult to get in my neck of the woods. Therefore my mainstay is Deschutes black butte porter. Although a Guinness float hits the spot every now and then. As always draft is the first choice, bottle if I have to…..never from a can.

01 Apr 15,, 06:42
I hear you Stitch. Growing up everyone around be drank Bud from a can. For many years I thought I didn't like beer. Then I went to college and my oh my the things I did learn.

01 Apr 15,, 13:21
fat tire, sierra Nevada pale ale, anchor steam, prima pils.

Albany Rifles
01 Apr 15,, 13:39
1. On a hot day an ice Cold Bud Light is very refreshing.

2. For regular consumption...Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager, Yuengling or Shiner.

3. For small breweries I tend to go for the wheats...Allagash White is my go to. Recent new addition is Dogfish Head Namaste!

Zad Fnark
01 Apr 15,, 14:20

01 Apr 15,, 17:50
Carlsberg on a hot day
Tucher for evening
If I feel like splurging and be sophisticated, Chimay
When I play pool table in a bar, I go for Samuel Adams.

06 Apr 15,, 09:51
I like many beers...
Carlsberg, Tuborg, Budwiser, Kingfisher, Fosters etc, etc

06 Apr 15,, 23:54
VB this week (we're in Melbourne).

06 Apr 15,, 23:55
I drink lots of Bud Light. I buy them by the 30-pack.

No, I don't consider Bud Light to be beer. If you don't know me, I don't drink water. I drink coffee, iced tea, hot tea, sometimes coca cola. I drink Bud Light as a water substitute because it's pretty...light.

My favorite beer? Depending on my mood. Guiness Draught, Blue Moon hef, Spaten Oktoberfest, and something amazingly good, Budweiser Dunkel.

07 Apr 15,, 01:24
According to this chart, I'm Irish. :)

07 Apr 15,, 04:21
Favorite beer? One that someone buys me.