View Full Version : CIties: Skylines - Anyone playing it here?

15 Mar 15,, 08:12
Its been 12 years since the last decent city builder Simcity 4 was launched.
I heard about this new one from the same studio that does the cities in motion series and on impulse pre ordered for about INR 1000.

For the first time in many many years got absorbed in a game and ended up staying awake past 2. Wonderful stuff.

Any wabbits playing it?

15 Mar 15,, 09:13
Great game until i mixed up the sewage with the water supply. Needless to say everyone died in my city. 10/10 will play again.

15 Mar 15,, 10:53
I managed to become govt of india. Built a hydro electric dam which caused the river to burst its banks and inundate all of my industrial area.
Had to reload from a save.

I just discovered steam workshop where many thousands of buildings are available.
I am not able to find out how to get them to spawn in game though.

03 Apr 15,, 03:18
It really seems like a good game - haven't played it yet though -, but I heard that it has a ridiculous feature that if somebody dies and there isn't a way for the body to reach the graveyard, the entire building has to be evacuated.
Imagine if something like this happened in real life... One person in a 50 floor building died and everybody of the building was kicked out of their homes.