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Officer of Engineers
27 Feb 15,, 19:27
Leonard Nimoy has passed. An end of an era and an inspiration to millions.

God Bless, Sir.

27 Feb 15,, 19:37
Live Long And Prosper Mr. Nimoy

27 Feb 15,, 21:14
I saw that first Star Trek show in 1966. I was able to actually visit the set in early 1967 since the neighbor across the street, in Canoga Park, worked there. I was 12 at the time of the first show and can say that was the day the theme song got ingrained into my brain. The voice of Spock also became ingrained into my brain. So much so that no matter wherever I am, whatever I am doing, when I hear the theme song, I hear "Space the final frontier", or I hear the voice of Spock, I am transported instantaneously back to that year. It is one of those good memories that ranks right up there with a root beer float that I always had at my grandparents tenement apartment in the Bronx back in 1957-62.

27 Feb 15,, 21:21
May the force be with him. :frown:

(Don't hurt me)

28 Feb 15,, 03:53

Somewhere up there in the great big wherever, Spock is quirking an eyebrow and saying....


Officer of Engineers
28 Feb 15,, 04:22
Live Long And Prosper Mr. NimoyHe did lived long. He did prospered. The best eulogy Mr Nimoy could hope for.

28 Feb 15,, 07:54
In an era when TV served up endless succession of action heroes & cops, Leonard Nimoy was able to make a hero out of a amart, rational character. He gave the character depth & decency. Someone the nerdy kids cold look up to. Some actors who are defined by a single role come to resent it. If Nimoy did resent Spock he didn't show it.

A fine legacy.

28 Feb 15,, 09:20

Now we must find the Genesis planet...

03 Mar 15,, 18:22
Someone the nerdy kids cold look up to.
And some of them have made it beyond just this planet we're standing on...


Sam Christoforetti, Italian ESA astronaut who today passed her 100th day onboard ISS.