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27 Jan 15,, 18:54
My best friend just left yesterday to try to become a Navy SEAL. Being best buddies and all, I feel it is my duty to send him a care package with some sort of gag gift. My current thought was something along the lines of this (http://www.skdtac.com/skd-bag-of-dicks-p/skd.808.htm). (check out the care "instructions")

My understanding, however, is that in boot camp, the guys aren't allowed to have anything they aren't supplied with. Would this be better recieved at BUD/s Prep? Even later?

What kind of legitimately good things would you have liked to receive in a care package?

Thanks for your input!

27 Jan 15,, 19:37
In boot camp? Postcards of hot chicks in bikinis.

28 Jan 15,, 05:59
I don't see the point in sending a "gag gift."

28 Jan 15,, 06:40
Yeah, don't send that. I was in an 800 division, and it sucks enough without your friends at home turning you into a Blue Falcon, or worse, getting you ASMO'D. just send him newspaper clips or something, like results of the super bowl or something If he's into that.

Anything you want him to get for sure, wait until he's at prep.

28 Jan 15,, 15:30
Thanks for the advice!

Gun Grape
29 Jan 15,, 01:02
In boot camp? Postcards of hot chicks in bikinis.

Even better, pictures of fat ugly chicks in bikinis :biggrin: