View Full Version : Easy way to get to the Intrepid museum?

85 gt kid
17 Jan 15,, 22:34
Hey guys i'm looking for advice on an easy way to get to the Intrepid Air and Space Museum. I'll be going up the PA in June for the WWII air show in Reading and i want to go see the Intrepid but would rather not drive through NYC to get there (talk about a madhouse ;)). I was thinking of taking the Subway from NJ but wanted to see what anyone else has done?



18 Jan 15,, 00:36

I was there a few years ago. I wasn't in quite the same situation as you because I was a tourist, so no car to deal with. I did the whole thing by subway. If you have somewhere safe to leave your car in NJ then that would be easiest. I don't recall where the nearest station is, but it won't be a long walk. Manhattan is surprisingly narrow. I think I walked from the Intrepid to Times Square in about 20-25 mins.

If you have the time & haven't spent much time in NYC the Circle Line cruise leaves from the pier next door. Great way to see Manhattan Island, including all the bridges of varying sizes & designs and the parks at the northern tip that contain some of the original forest on the island. If you plan to do that be aware that at certain times (depending on tides) the cruise doesn't completely circumnavigate Manhattan.


18 Jan 15,, 04:07
I went there last year with the Scouts. We stayed in Alpine NJ at the Alpine Scout Camp. In the morning, we would get up and catch the bus right at the front gate and take it to the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd street. 4 blocks from the Intrepid, same block as Madame Tussaud's Wax museum and 1 block from Times Sq. There's also subways from Newark to Manhattan. The ferry that Bigfella mentions is a good deal too. It's next door to the Intrepid and you can get an "on/off" ticket for it, meaning you can get of on one of the stops and get back on a later ferry. Good way to get around and good way to see some of the sights too. Google MTA for maps and schedules, Intrepid museum also has instructions for public transportation, as would most major attractions in the area.