View Full Version : Happy New Year!

31 Dec 14,, 13:05
I can hear fireworks outside, so it must be 2015. Hope you all have a great year. :danc:

Albany Rifles
31 Dec 14,, 14:05
Same right back at you....

Double Edge
31 Dec 14,, 14:13
Not yet hearing anything. But it won't be long.

So happy new year everyone :)

31 Dec 14,, 21:39
Hope it will be way better then the one we are wishing farewell (it's finally over).

Lots of health and joy is all I wish for you guys.

Andrey Egorov
31 Dec 14,, 23:49
Happy new year and let it be better than previous!

01 Jan 15,, 06:23
Happy New Year to anyone who'll accept that from me!


01 Jan 15,, 21:14
Wishing everyone gets what they wish for ,,,,,peace .