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15 Dec 14,, 23:42
This is the sort of thing that really incenses me to no end hunting for horns and tusks by those god damn bastard poachers. The same goes for all those buyers in East Asia who fuel this trade.

Northern white rhino dies; 5 left worldwide - CNN.com (http://www.cnn.com/2014/12/15/us/san-diego-white-rhino-dead/index.html?hpt=hp_t2)

(CNN) -- A northern white rhino has died at a San Diego zoo, leaving only five worldwide and bringing the species closer to extinction.
Angalifu, 44, died of old age Sunday at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.
San Diego Zoo Safari Park announced that Angalifu, one of six remaining northern white rhinos in the world, died Sunday. Credit: San Diego Zoo/Helene Hoffman

"With Angalifu's passing, only five northern white rhinos are left on the planet, including Nola, our elderly female," the zoo said in a statement.
He was one of a handful of northern white rhinos (http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/20/world/africa/kenya-northern-white-rhino/index.html) left worldwide, including a few at a wildlife conservancy in Kenya. There are no known northern white rhinos left in the wild.
Northern white rhinos and southern white rhinos are different subspecies genetically.
Last year, the International Union for Conservation of Nature declared the northern white rhino as "teetering on the brink of extinction."
Rhinos are killed by poachers almost exclusively for their horns, which sell for tens of thousands of dollars.
Experts say that rhino horn is becoming more lucrative than drugs. The demand is driven primarily by buyers in East Asia, who believe it cures a series of ailments.
Organized crime syndicates are using military-grade helicopters, night-vision equipment and guns fitted with silencers, taking rhino poaching to a whole new level and leaving conservationists struggling to keep up.
Rhinos on a plane: Life-saving mission across borders (http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/11/world/africa/rhinos-on-a-plane/index.html)

Triple C
16 Dec 14,, 17:55
Ignorant nouveau riche with bizarre ideas about medicine and more money than common sense frequently blow money on midwife's cures. In reality they might as well eat their own nail clippings, it's practically the same damn thing. I am going to guess, however, that the fact rhinos are near extinction or practically extinct made it more attractive as conspicuous consumption.

16 Dec 14,, 18:14
too bad they can't go for the western fad diet instead. butter coffee is a good deal cheaper than rhino horn...

16 Dec 14,, 18:56
Legal horn trade could save rhinos from cliff of extinction, experts argue - Science (http://science.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/02/28/17133892-legal-horn-trade-could-save-rhinos-from-cliff-of-extinction-experts-argue?lite)

For these Northern rhinos, cloning is pretty much the only option left.

17 Dec 14,, 14:12
I was amazed to discover that a set of pistol grips made of mastodon ivory was less expensive than a set of elephant ivory. Don't know how they taste, though.

17 Dec 14,, 19:08
To be somewhat fair to modern poachers, the Northern White Rhino was hunted down two generations ago. There were 15 left in the wild by the mid-80s, from 500 two decades earlier. The Southern White Rhino was moved to reserves in South Africa in the early 60s, and it is there where they are being poached. They're only being threatened, and at somewhere around 20,000 individuals in the wild nowhere near extinct.

In reality they might as well eat their own nail clippings, it's practically the same damn thing.
Mumia, hacked-up parts of mummified corpses, were sold throughout Europe for such purposes till the mid 20s.