View Full Version : Jihad John hit in US airstrike.

16 Nov 14,, 23:01

Got him! Jihadi John is 'wounded in US airstrike on secret bunker meeting of ISIS high command'* | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2836124/GOT-Jihadi-John-wounded-airstrike-Foreign-Office-confirms-MOS-aware-reports-injury.html)

17 Nov 14,, 04:03
Excuse me while I wipe the tears away.

Tears of laughter and joy. I hope that miserable pos suffers horribly before he dies.

Repatriated Canuck
19 Nov 14,, 15:10
I hope he got a castrating injury.

19 Nov 14,, 15:33
I hope he got a castrating injury.

He didn't have any balls to start with.

19 Nov 14,, 18:30
Has he been pos I,Dd

19 Nov 14,, 21:05
Hallejuah!! Hallejua!! Glory to God!

20 Nov 14,, 04:08
I hope he got a castrating injury.

I'd rather he was turned into a quadriplegic and shipped to a pig farm in the Mid West. He can castrate the pigs. That will shut him up. Since he likes to be filmed we can film him at his new job. Send the film back to Syria and Iraq so others in isis can see whats in their future if they follow his footsteps.