View Full Version : Which thermostat to use? Nest? Honeywell Lyric or Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat - RTH9580

16 Oct 14,, 02:38
I am getting my AC replaced this weekend. Getting a 5 ton 16 SEER Rheem condenser with an attic air handler.

I would like to install a smart wifi thermostat. Which one do you recommend? My AC installer thinks nest is the best but I also heard other reviews from other AC guys saying that honeywell products are better than Nest. I read the reviews, pros and cons and I am back to square one trying to decide which one.

I sure would appreciate the feedback of this forum in selecting which smart wifi thermostat to use. If I left out a product, please let me know asap.

Thanks for your incoming advice.

Officer of Engineers
16 Oct 14,, 02:46
You're talking 5% difference between the two.

16 Oct 14,, 14:20
From what I have seen with Nest, it works best if you get the whole setup of thermostat, and smoke/CO2 detectors.