View Full Version : Happy B/Day Astralis

14 Oct 14,, 10:20
Alla best Asty , av a gud un :danc:

14 Oct 14,, 10:34
Happy Birthday Astralis. Have a graet day and year ahead. :tankie:

14 Oct 14,, 12:54
happy birthday mate.

14 Oct 14,, 15:27
Happy B Day dude.

14 Oct 14,, 17:15

Big day. We celebrate with you. You've been an awesome administrator and I'm appreciative for your efforts on behalf of us wabbits. Happy birthday!

14 Oct 14,, 19:06
Astralis, Sir.

Many many happy returns of the day! God bless you!

15 Oct 14,, 02:13
Hippo birdy two ewes ��

15 Oct 14,, 02:16
Celebrate like no one's watching, not even the NSA !

Officer of Engineers
15 Oct 14,, 02:19
If last year is any indication.

1) He has several good scotches in front of him.

2) His significant other won't allow him to enjoy it.

Albany Rifles
15 Oct 14,, 02:20
Yeah, yeah yeah......ya young punk, ya!

Hope it was good!!!

15 Oct 14,, 02:33
ha ha your getting old.... Happy birthday.

15 Oct 14,, 02:48
Been a lot of birthdays since we last saw each other. Happy Birthday, Asty, and many more to you.

15 Oct 14,, 02:48
ha ha your getting old.... Happy birthday.

No faster than you. :)

15 Oct 14,, 04:51
Happy birthday asty!

15 Oct 14,, 13:44
much thanks everyone!

as for the scotches: my wife (promoted as of this year from Sig Other after seven years) allowed me a tot, remarking that it was an old man drink and that i was now entitled to it.

i told her that it was comments like these that drive me to having lips on a 21-year old (glenmorangie)...

Officer of Engineers
15 Oct 14,, 16:29
That 21 year old will nag you less than your new bride. Damned fool. Enjoy the bliss.

15 Oct 14,, 17:13
Happy birthday Asty, old man ;):danc: