View Full Version : Baseball player who wore eyeglasses?

11 Aug 14,, 21:13
Ok so this is driving me up a wall...

I'm trying to remember the name of a skilled 70's-80's MLB player who wore glasses. No not Reggie, the guy I'm thinking of was white. Wore square wire rimmed glasses that were kinda his signature "thing". Looked like he belong in a library instead of the ball field.

I would've sworn it was Milwaukee Brewer great Paul Molitor but he never wore glasses.

I've been Google Imaging like a fiend but nothing doing. Wiki even has a list of bespectacled players and he's not on it. :bang:

Can anybody relieve my OCD and help me out?

11 Aug 14,, 22:14
Are you talking and Kent Tekulve by any chance?

Pitcher for the Phillies?

11 Aug 14,, 22:17
Ron Kttle?

11 Aug 14,, 22:35
Ricky Vaughn?


12 Aug 14,, 00:53
Nope, none of those. Coulda sworn he played for the Brewers :(