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Gun Grape
11 Aug 14,, 05:07
The wife has this idea that you cannot just collect model kits, your suppose to build them. After my recent purchase of 2 Fletcher kits, she thinks I should build at least one of them before buying more kits. Crazy Huh???

So here we go.

I'm building the Tamiya, 1/350 round bridge Fletcher first.

The kit is from the mid 1996. Compared to more modern kits, especially the Dragon ones, she is a bit sparse on detail. Example, one of the first things I noticed missing were the Flag bags. And details on the bulkheads is minimal. But she is the only round bridge Fletcher around.

That said, it is a typical Tamiya kit. Add glue, shake and a good fitting model pours out of the box.

On the WAB, I don't think I need to give much history on the Fletchers. Refer to Buidgepumps excellent thread if your not aware of the ships


Here is the ship, right after Commissioning. This is not the configuration she went to the pacific. Nor the paint job. And this is how I plan to build the kit


Gun Grape
11 Aug 14,, 05:14
Whats in the box.


Gun Grape
11 Aug 14,, 05:19
Continued, (5 pic max)

I like how they didn't fall into the 50 star mistake. They just did a blue field
Stuff I'm using. The Gold Medal Models PE and a few things from Alliance Model Works to make up for the lack of detail.


Gun Grape
11 Aug 14,, 05:53
I actually got some work done today.

A little cutting out and first round of PE.

Notice the lack of detail on the bulkhead. I cut out the boxes. They are suppose to be 20mm ready ammo lockers. I have some spares that I will use. Sanded the doors flush and put PE ones in their place

After everything dries good, I'll clean up the superglue, sand down the bulkhead where I cut it up and install some reels of line that actually go there.

I used Tamiya white putty to fill the holes. The stuff skims over quick. But if you try to jump in and sand it you find that it really isn't dry and you make a mess. BTDT

Gun Grape
11 Aug 14,, 05:59

Also did a little work on the deck.

Scraped the anchor chain off. And scratched the heck out of the deck like a Dumbass:frown:

Mr Surfacer 1200 to the rescue (hopefully)

And put hand wheels on all the hatches


So ends the weekend. With only one page of instructions, I should have this ship done in a year or two:biggrin:

Zad Fnark
11 Aug 14,, 13:20
That's one I'd like to get myself sometime. I would lean towards a '42 version.

I did build the Dragon Benson, and was happy with it. The Benson/Gleaves came right before the Fletchers.

I just ordered a CA Chikuma last week. Got the Eduard set and after marketed all the guns.

I've read that the Fletcher's superstructure is plain enough that adding the detail is reasonable easy.


Gun Grape
16 Aug 14,, 06:04
I've read that the Fletcher's superstructure is plain enough that adding the detail is reasonable easy.


the more pic I look at the more i see that early Fletchers were pretty bare. This was early 1942 and we had no learned the lessons about DC. Its not till later that you see lots more fireplugs, stretchers and hose reels added.

Gun Grape
16 Aug 14,, 06:11
I did build the Dragon Benson, and was happy with it. The Benson/Gleaves came right before the Fletchers.

I've got two Dragon Buchanan's The 1942 and the 1945 version. Thinking of putting them side by side on the same base. To show the transformation that ship underwent from the start of the war till she steamed into Tokyo Bay.

Gun Grape
25 Aug 14,, 04:01
Got to do a little work this weekend. More scrounging than anything else.

Sanded the bridge down. Drilled out the portholes and put new doors on.



Put the bottoms in the life rafts.

Use a pin vise to hog out as much material as you can. Then scrape the plastic bottom out with a #11 Xacto blade. Glue the Photoetch to the back of the raft. Takes about 10-15 minutes each.
The Fletcher has 6. Somewhere between #4 and #5 the wife comes in and says "Thats all you've' done?"
Still need to add paddles and assorted boxes.


Gun Grape
25 Aug 14,, 04:19
I also worked on the bulkheads a bit. I took off the boxes last time. In their place needed to go 1/4 round duct work. Also added fire hoses, a ladder, Hose real, vents and hand wheels.

About as much as i want to do before I put it on the main deck.

The vents/fire hoses came from the spare parts box. Since I dropped my Gearing down a flight of stairs. The parts box is well stocked. It will come in handy. Real was left over from a Toms ModelWorks PE set.

The 1/4 round I made with my Chopper. Took a piece of sprue, Cut it in half, than again. Then cut it to length. Unfortunately the nearest hobby shop is in P-Cola. So I cant just run out and pick something up.

Made the offsets for the hand wheels with the Chopper also. Can't think of any other way to get such small consistent cuts.

Don't worry I'll have those scratch marks cleaned up before I paint.

Gun Grape
02 Jan 16,, 01:18
Wow, Its been 16 months. And I haven't touched this build the whole time.

Have not built anything else either. But I pulled it out today and soon I'll start working on it again

02 Jan 16,, 01:42
Well I have maybe 100 models sitting in boxes unbuilt. When I got most of them I had only three cars. That was back in 2004. Today, with a house, there are nine cars plus the Hornet. Consequently I haven't built a model since 2004. Time is a precious commodity and some things weather time better than other things. Models do so very well while machines not so much and so require more constant attention.

Builder 2010
01 Apr 16,, 01:57
Get crack'n. Models don't build themselves, you know.