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01 Aug 14,, 12:36
Creating a thread for Commonwealth Games 2014

A bit about the game and history :- Commonwealth Games (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_Games)

The medal tally:-

CWG 2014 Medals Tally | Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Medals Tally | NDTVSports.com (http://sports.ndtv.com/commonwealth-games-2014/medals-tally)

Current Status and Place for top 5 countries :-

Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
====== ==== ==== ==== ====
1. ENG 45 41 40 126
2. AUS 36 37 41 114
3. CAN 27 13 25 65
4. SCO 14 13 16 43
5 . IND 13 20 14 47

01 Aug 14,, 15:05
The sad truth is that nobody much outside the athletes, their friends & families, sporting administrators and the host nation care all that much about the Commonwealth Games. They are getting a bit of news here, but usually only the high profile sports (swimming & athletics) or if a high profile athlete like Usain Bolt is involved. The fact he has turned up is a bit of a coup as high class sprinters (of whom the Commonwealth Games have a few) often don't bother.

England is doing well in the medals as part of the hangover from the London Olympics. Australia was similarly dominant one games before & two after Sydney. Effectively being the home nation also helps - you can send a bigger team, especially of disabled athletes. They tend to suffer more from the lack of funding that can prevent travel to such events. It will be interesting to see if Australia can regain dominance in 4 years time when the games are held at the Gold Coast (Queensland).

The one cool bit of the CG is that you get to see sporting minnows or nations that either don't compete separately at other events (UK) or don't actually exist. Self governing territories & colonies such as Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, Norfolk Island etc. all get to field teams. That has produced the clear highlight of the games for me. Norfolk island is little known & known for little. it became the home of the descendants of the Bounty mutineers when they left Pitcairn island; is the home of author Colleen McCulloch (Thorn Birds) and a large population of Buffetts, who claim some familial link to the famous musician & the billionaire (there is no firm evidence, but both have visited & Jimmy Buffett has performed there). Norfolk Island now has one more claim to fame - its Ladies Lawn Bowls team defeated a South African team captained by a Commonwealth Games gold medallist. Probably the biggest thing to happen on the island since its only murder 10+ years ago.

01 Aug 14,, 15:18
Its never off the BBC , pissed off with it .

01 Aug 14,, 23:54
Its never off the BBC , pissed off with it .

It is mostly on overnight here, and even then it is not on a regular channel. I suspect things will be different in 4years.