View Full Version : Whatever happened to vinyl doll................and other interesting inquiries

31 Jul 14,, 18:40
The model-acting-dancing-carny worlds. They aren't all the same but it seems they mesh up with each other at points.

As such, one meets various interesting people that they may not otherwise associate with in their 'normal' lives. Though, I suppose, when you are a player of some sort in those worlds, are you a "normal" person anymore?

I mean, I've been to some weddings........in one, the priest looked like a medevil biker in leather and at another, he was in skins and fur.

Many we know each other by only the Net and many, we use the Net to stay in touch, see each other 2-3 times a year, perhaps more depending on the particular world.

But when it is just the Net or just 2-3 times a year and someone decides to move on, you may not realize it for months until you look up one day and say, "I haven't heard from ......... for a while" and then find the trail quite cold.

Add to the complication that the names we know each other by may not the actual name or may not be the name in current use. Or it might just be a name known only in a certain circle and unknown beyond that. In dance, for example, I am called at least three different names, my real name, my Net name, and sometimes, my glamor name. More people call me, there, by my Net name than anything else.

More people there know me by my Net name than anything else which can mean that a Net search of me using details of my "real" life might be difficult since I tend to keep my real life off the Net as much as possible. My reasons for that is that I like to keep that Net life and as such, my dance-carny life, as carefree and playful as possible.

As such, trying to search for another person when you only know one aspect of their life can greatly reduce the useful returns.

And we all thought that ghosts were just in the spy agencies!