View Full Version : Need info on Chicago's iconic foodie & blues joints

22 Jul 14,, 07:50
Dear wabbits, I shall be in Chicago for two weeks (3rd & 4th week of August), and would be very grateful for info on the iconic foodie and blues joints. Especially the street food :).

22 Jul 14,, 07:54
Have a great time and stay safe.

Triple C
22 Jul 14,, 08:16

Bourdain is very good at locating great street food. His recommendations are worth looking into.

Obviously, UNO's deep dish pizza is a must-go, though it's not really "street", since it sits on the Magnificent Mile, which is Chicago's best area. On the lower ground level of the Sears Tower, there's the Cheesecake Factory, which serves nice food and famous cheesecake.

South Side has good street food on the cheap. Be careful of your surroundings, however; Chicago is a middling city in American urban safety rankings, but that's because all the bad stuff are concentrated in the same neighborhoods!

22 Jul 14,, 11:11
Thanks TC and Dok,

I did hear about the deep dish pizza on TLC channel, so that is on my must do list, so is the Chicago hot dog, and the roast beef sandwiches.

22 Jul 14,, 19:17
If you're a coffee/espresso guy, Intelligentsia is the place to go.

Triple C
23 Jul 14,, 05:44
Are you heading there before October? If you are, congratulations: you will be among the last customers ever to eat at Hot Doug's, considered one of best hot dog joints in America, before it closes. The chef/owner is closing it down because he's tired of making sausages all the time. Even I haven't been there. They are famous for fine dinning on a blue-collar budget. On sausages, that is.

I have been to UNOs and had their deep dish pizza. It's delicious and filling, and it's not better or worse than NYC pizza. It's just a different animal.

23 Jul 14,, 08:13
If you're a coffee/espresso guy, Intelligentsia is the place to go.

Thank you sir, but I'm more of a "spiritual" guy. So I would love to know about decent watering holes for a man who wants to enjoy his drink in peace.

Triple C
23 Jul 14,, 10:07
Watering holes are everywhere in Chicago. You won't have any problem trying to find one.

23 Jul 14,, 14:28
When I was there for a few months, we went to a few old speakeasies. Easily located with the power of Google.

Albany Rifles
23 Jul 14,, 15:01
A couple of Old Style's and Chicago dogs in the bleachers at Wrigley can't be beat!!!

24 Jul 14,, 07:03
Thank you AR and Squirrel

Triple C
24 Jul 14,, 08:17
Don't forget to grab a bottle (or several) of Goose Island. Brewed in the city.

25 Jul 14,, 09:02
Roger :)