View Full Version : The most important phone call I ever recieved

Gun Grape
22 Jun 14,, 02:02
It happened back in Jan. The day after my birthday. And it was from a USAF Sgt that worked at the base hospital.

Went something like this:
(AFG) Good afternoon Sgt Grape. First I want to wish you a Happy Birthday from the 325th Medical Group. I was reviewing your med records and I have a few questions.Are you someplace that we can talk?

(GG) Give me a second to pull off the road and you can ask away......................... OK I'm good what can I do for you today?

(AFG) (after doing all the secret squirrel person verification stuff): You turned 51 yesterday and I don't have any indication of you having a colostomy in the last year. Did you get one through an outside provider, or the VA?

(GG) No, but I know I need to get one, just haven't had time to set up an appointment. I'll do that real soon.

(AFG) No Problem Sgt Grape, I'll put a referral in the mail today.

I went and got the procedure done. Its not the horrible thing that everyone believes it is.

They found some growths, which they removed. They were precancerous. They had not reached the size where they normally turn cancerous. But now I get to have a colostomy a bit more often than the normal 10yr period. I'm on the 3 year program.

I went back to work and nagged and harped on my coworkers until all those over 50 got theirs. Most of the guys came back negative but one guy that had just turned 50, and had no symptoms came back with stage 3 colon cancer.

People don't wait till you have a problem. Its one of the biggest killers around and easy to detect and prevent.

A few hours of "Flushing your system" the night before the procedure may be uncomfortable. But nothing like going through cancer treatments.

(end of rant)