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sated buddha
19 Jun 14,, 03:46
Celine Dion - Celine Dion Planning Independence Day With Lonely Airport Guy


Celine Dion has made good on her promise to reward superfan Richard Dunn with a once-in-a-lifetime Las Vegas experience by inviting him to spend America's Independence Day with her.

Dunn has become known as Lonely Airport Guy after he found himself stranded and alone in Sin City recently.

Bored and frustrated, he shot cellphone footage of himself wandering around the deserted airport miming to Dion's rendition of break-up ballad All By Myself.

Amused by the online video, Dion offered Dunn tickets to her show - and the use of her private bathroom in a message she posted last week (ends13Jun14) - and now she has invited the Internet sensation to join her on 4 July (14).

Sources tell Tmz.com he'll be in the audience for her concert at Caesar's Palace and Dion has agreed to put him and a guest up at the hotel. She is also planning to meet Dunn before she hits the stage.

Celine Dion | Celine Dion Planning Independence Day With Lonely Airport Guy | Contactmusic.com (http://www.contactmusic.com/story/celine-dion-planning-independence-day-with-lonely-airport-guy_4246557)

Truly a celebrity and a star with a heart of gold. Its stories like this which reaffirm my faith in humanness sans the trappings. A basic connect between two people, shorn of the peripherals. A lonely man and a good woman. More celebrities should learn from this and take a page out of Cline Dion's book. On how to Be Human. On how to reach out across the arc lights and the million flashes.

A big thumbs upfrom my side to this People's Princess! :wors:

19 Jun 14,, 04:08
Bummer that there was name attached to the guy (Richard Dunn) or this thread could have been epic.

Eh, colonel? :biggrin:

sated buddha
19 Jun 14,, 04:13
Celine Dion's personal message to the lonely airport guy .....


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